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RWI Digital Communications Acquires Legacy TV News Talent Platform MediaLine, adds to Growing Portfolio of Brands

Houston, TX RWI Digital Communications announced today it has acquired legacy on-air talent platform MediaLine (, its second major acquisition in recent months. In May, RWI purchased NewsBlues (, the pioneering daily digital newsletter chronicling the television news business.
In making the announcement, RWI President and CEO Rick Iler has been both a fan and a customer of MediaLine for years.
“I am so excited to take the reins of MediaLine, which has been a staple of the industry for decades,” said Iler. “In fact, I used MediaLine to help find my first TV job right after college!”
Rich Everitt, MediaLine’s outgoing CEO, is thrilled about the future for the business.
“Rick Iler is a perfect fit to take over the ownership of MediaLine,” said Everitt. “I think he will inject vision and creativity into an already strong platform.”
Iler plans to integrate MediaLine into his fast-growing portfolio of legacy media brands, including NewsBlues.
“In addition to being the leading source of daily newsroom news, gossip and inside information, NewsBlues features the most detailed and dynamic sourcebook in the business,” added Iler. “MediaLine is the perfect partner platform and going forward, we’ll be implementing some exciting enhancements for both sites.”

About RWI Digital Communications

Houston-based RWI Digital was founded in 2017 by media investor and entrepreneur Rick Iler. RWI looks for opportunities to find value and drive growth in legacy digital media platforms.  RWI’s growing portfolio includes NewsBlues, the subscriber-based local television newsletter and MediaLine, the leading talent and job website in local media.

About MediaLine

Launched in 1986, MediaLine is the industry leader in job listings and is one of the most widely viewed TV news talent databases on the internet.

MediaLine is a daily updated, comprehensive source for the most reliable and up to the minute job listings in the television news industry. From a daily updated voice mail message system, MediaLine grew to be the most respected and recognized source for job information in the Television News Industry.

Then came the next evolution – the Internet – and MediaLine became the first place TV news Talent could display their resumes and clips from their resume reels – where hiring managers could, for no charge, find hundreds of potential employees of all different experience levels. At the same time, the MediaLine Forum became the first television news insiders could discuss and debate issues in broadcast news.

Now in its fourth decade, MediaLine takes a monumental leap into the 21st Century with a new design and more modern features than its founders could have dreamed of!


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