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NewsBlues 2.0: NOW COMING JANUARY 8, 2018


Monday's Stories

>>CNN boots story, issues correction, gets clobbered
>>DOJ and ATT face off in court in March
>>Net neutrality doomed to die Thursday
>>NBC dumps senior staffer over misconduct allegations
>>Former Fox anchor says Trump tried to kiss her
>>Get used to Hoda Kotb in the Lauer chair
>>San Antonio station makes the most of a snow day
>>If he didn't do anything why was he fired?
>>New forecaster set to start in Colorado Springs
>>Veteran ND takes job in Bluefield W VA
>>Lafayette, LA combo looking for a new #1
>>Veteran exec ankles Sinclair New Bern
>>Suppelsa signs off in CHicago
>>Sue Serio marks her 20th year at WTXF
>>Houston consumer reporter quits
>>Veteran Dallas reporter leaves to go home
>>Raleigh replacement anchor coming from Columbus
>>Pittsburgh morning reporter sets return from med leave
>>Veteran anchor dumped in Huntsville
>>Napoli Management bought up



Friday December 8
>>ABC News wrist slaps exec who shared info
>>Franken resigns Senate seat
>>Garrison Keillor has multiple accusers says MPR boss
>>Network anchors flock to Cal wildfire scene
>>CBS News promotes two execs
>>"Morning Joe" contributor under allegation cloud
>>MSNBC reverses bonehead decision
>>Changing of the guard in San Francisco?
>>The countdown starts on end of the main studio rule
>>Debut date set of Anny Curry limited series on PBS
>>A soft launch for Tegna's new graphic look
>>Roland Martin loses TV One morning program
>>South Florida anchor crosses the street
>>Goodbye Joplin, hello Colorado Springs

Thursday December 7
>>A Murdoch in charge of Disney?
>>New poll finds media more trusted than...
>>MIA Nashville anchor has a defender
>>Detroit anchor "on leave" following allegations
>>"The Silence Breakers" recognized...
>>...Except for the first one
>>KCBS crew ditch live shot to save horses
>>NBC standing by Mike Tirico
>>Nobody asked Brent Musburger but...
>>Which anchors get tweeted about the most?
>>Atlanta anchor has had it uptohere with boneheads
>>So lynching journalists is a free speech thing?
>>Former ND named GM at Nexstar Tampa
>>Dallas reporter ditches teevee for politics
>>New producer named in Portland
>>Longtime Seattle sports director passes
>>Mrs. B has another "first"

Wednesday December 6

>>Disney may be close to a deal with 21st Century Fox
>>Veteran Nashville anchor clears out in the dead of night
>>Former Pittsburgh anchor crusades against revenge porn
>>New pressures loom over network morning television
>>Sinclair names a chief $$ officer
>>Pai dismisses calls for net neutrality delay
>>CNN interview with Moore spokeswoman derails
>>MSNBC drops contributor for dubious reasons
>>Ginger Zee recounts depression battles in book
>>You've arrived when your Facebook page goes "live"
>>It's the beach for Memphis teevee consumer reporter
>>Telemundo on a buying spree
>>San Antonio MMJ departs for anchor job
>>New weather guesser comes to Brownsville, TX

Tuesday December 5
>>O'Reilly in the legal crosshairs...again
>>The clamor gets louder about net neutrality
>>"Time" unwraps "Person of the Year" finalists
>>Ross effectively demoted; media credibility takes a hit
>>Disney is once again talking to 21st Century Fox
>>Billy Bush emerges to say "Yeah, you said it"
>>Reality evidently hasn't sunk in yet for Charlie Rose
>>PBS picks up Amanpour as Rose replacement
>>Dumped WGCL met turns up in Columbus, GA
>>Pittsburgh teevee news icon announces retirement
>>What were they thinking with this "Snow Monster?"
>>Longtime Fox News contributor goes fulltime
>>Houston morning personality sets GPS for LA
>>News pioneer Robert Asman passes
>>Detroit anchor leaving, looking at music career
>>Mrs. B has a lesson in Latin

Monday December 4
>>Seven days until the debut of NewsBlues 2.0
>>Brian Ross suspended by ABC News
>>THIS is the new name for "Prairie Home Companion"?
>>Curry speaks of empowerment, not Lauer
>>Geraldo Rivera is apologizing again
>>Vice Media fires three for harassment - won't say who
>>An FCC commissioner endorses killing net neutraility
>>A weeklong celebration of Salinas at Univision
>>San Juan TV station getting a new GM
>>Two guys calling hoops plays for a combined 97 years
>>KSDK completes its news management team
>>Houston reporter heads north to Chicago
>>Veteran reporter goes missing at WIS Columbia
>>WDTN hires South Bend MMJ-anchor
>>Is Sinclair's Syracuse tri-opoly looking for a news director?
>>WJLA ND adds additional duties at station manager
>>Former Richmond ND lands as deuce in Cleveland


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