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Monday's Stories

>>Fox re-signed O'Reilly after he settled latest lawsuit
>>Fox takes 11 days to pull and retract 'fake news" story
>>Sinclair's opposition on the right getting more intractable
>>Jemele Hill back on the air at ESPN today
>>Chris Wallace is done with colleagues' media-bashing
>>Ainsley Earhardt STILL wants to be a journalist
>>Stephanie Sanders uses bully pulpit to try and bully
>>ABC News names new medical reporter
>>Popular weather guesser leaves Nashville for Raleigh
>>Tegna Dallas has a new traffic anchor
>>San Antonio anchor heads out for coffee permanently
>>WTVJ has anew weekend AM anchor
>>New anchor-reporter at Telemundo Sacramento0
>>AND a new news director....
>>ND named for Telemundo DC startup
>>A new mmj shows up at KSDK
>>MMJ moves cross-state in Kentucky
>>Long-time KARE 11 anchor departs
>>KSTP anchor reassigned to reporting



Friday October 20
>>Too many techies think fake news has no cure
>>Tribune shareholders overwhelmingly approve merger
>>Hoda and Megyn Kelly did....something...yesterday
>>Bringing on mom to lecture the president
>>Business cable networks spent yesterday reminiscing
>>WNCN looking to fill empty desks
>>Richard Roeper leaves "Good Day Chicago"
>>Don't get into a Twitter thing with Jake Tapper
>>"Nightline" has a new EP
>>Retiring journalism duo get honors on farewell tour
>>Fired tv anchor says she knows why woman keep silent
>>Another ESPN discard finds work
>>Former KTLA veteran passes
>>Laid off by CNN, rehired by CNN

Thursday October 19
>>Twitter ignored warnings about popular troll account
>>Michele Marsh, popular NYC anchor, passes
>>FCC stops the Sinclair-Trib clock for more comments
>>Jeff Sessions can't commit to not jailing reporters
>>"He knew what he signed up for." Oy!
>>Fox News reluctant to turn over records in lawsuit
>>CBS reporter one of few at the fall of ISIS capital
>>Andrea Mitchell honored for lifetime achievement
>>Tomi Lahren enjoys being in the dark
>>KC exec joins studio design group
>>Columbus forecaster takes part-time gig post-retirement
>>A CNN drone may be watching
>>Across the street from NPR to CNN
>>Mrs. B has some damaging information

Wednesday October 18
>>Scaramucci digs himself a hole with idiot poll
>>Gretchen Carlson comes thisclose to calling out Fox
>>Denver station parting ways with morning anchor
>>Disney-ABC "restructuring" reaches WLS
>>FCC Chair FINALLY says something about free speech
>>Sinclair seeking to sell up to ten stations worth $1 B
>>Chris Cuomo takes on limited "hard-hiting" HLN series
>>Do some Fox News hosts have an outside conflict?
>>Jim Rome will get another shot at tv
>>Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery
>>A new forecaster comes to Roanoke
>>Univision no longer on Verizon Fios
>>A charter employee celebrates along with Fox Business
>>Oklahoma reporter/anchor moves/stays in the Griffin fold
>>How do you pronounce AT-AT
>>Syracuse alum gets back into the Syracuse market
>>Philly lawyer takes pundit skills from CNN to MSNBC

Tuesday October 17
>>"60 Minutes" opioid report triggers strong reaction
>>Award-winning WFLD anchor is MIA
>>The Weinstein Companies lose a partner, gain time
>>How much longer does Jemele Hill have with ESPN?
>>At least one FCC commish gets the 1st Amendment
>>Fox Business celebrates birthday with a ratings win
>>Logo teases and set promos means sweeps soon
>>How low can Megyn Kelly's ratings go?
>>The guy who leaked the Larry O'Donnell tape busted
>>MIA Dallas reporter resurfaces across the street
>>Former investigative reporter enters political world
>>More "family time" means a 'family-friendly" new job
>>WTKR's new forecaster loves storms
>>Tampa sports director says 31 years is enough
>>From foreclosure to a 3/4 million $ home
>>Mrs. B thinks some word clarification is in order.

Monday October 16

>>Tucker Carlson throws stones from the Fox glass house
>>Televised Boston mayoral debate victim of union dispute
>>News Director changes in Spokane, Rockford Missoula
>>ND openings in Charleston and Great Falls
>>Popular Chattanooga tv personality dies
>>Mika's book deal back on - with conditions
>>O'Reilly recording "No Spin News" at Newsmax. Hmmm
>>FBN marks ten years of giving you the business
>>A reminder of Sinclair's "swift boat" flirtation
>>Giant corporation can't find a chief digital officer
>>Anchor suspended for stupid behavior. Apology follows
>>Scarborough turns in his Grand Old Party card
>>OK City anchor is marking 40 years
>>Philly anchor raising hurricane relief $$
>>NBC Sports adds a big name to soccer coverage
>>KDKA's new AM traffic reporter has a familiar name


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