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News Release: NewsBlues Sold to Veteran TV Executive



>>"Google-proof?" What's Google-proof?
>>Taking local news to the airport lounge
>>Jaws wonders what the future has in store
>>San Antonio takes his cancer fight public
>>Lightning rod CEO ankling Chicago PTV
>>Choppers bring quick end to search
>>MSNBC adds a conservative voice
>>Zany sports guy out in Orlando
>>OKC reporter headed to Beantown
>>Oklahoma veteran ND shown the door
>>Veteran ND leaving SC station
>>MMJ arrives in Houston newsroom
>>Station branding as social media avatar



Thursday, June 22
>>ABC News employs the Limbaugh defense
>>Keeping the editorial tradition alive
>>Charter gives Cox a "come-hither" look
>>BBC reader keeps calm in the eye of the storm
>>The best morning news show
>>Miami-area pastor sues WPLG for his suffering
>>MSNBC finds a reason to jump ad rates
>>Greeny tries to put "bad blood" rumors to rest
>>Shutting down Studio 46 for the summer
>>XHAS goes on like really happened
>>DC weather guesser say goodbye, heads west
>>Houston reporter rejoins hubby in Miami. 
>>Mrs. B says "Keep it conversational"

Wednesday, June 21
>>Has the WH press briefing outlived its usefulness?
>>CBS strips down "Evening News"
>>FOX Business shuffles two managers
>>FOX & MSNBC rule prime-time cable
>>CNN's great big news
>>Jiggetts crosses the street in Chicago
>>Chicago reporter going the podcast route
>>O'Reilly "fired". Again
>>ION Television expands
>>"Vroom vroom" is heard in Little Rock
>>Joe and Mika relegated to gossip pages
>>Soledad O'Brien sticks with "Real Sports"
>>ND musical chairs continues in Atlanta
>>Boston vet reporter lands at NBC O&O
>>One giant leap for Missouri anchor
>>Sportscaster returns to online news outlet

Tuesday, June 20
>>Kelly-Jones tanks in ratings. Time to panic?
>>Fed up with press gaggles. So do something
>>Boris's bottom line
>>Caught up in a Gatorade shower
>>Hernandez's odd phrasing
>>NY State Human Rights Office probes FOX?
>>Kilmeade not in a lenient mood
>>Zucker says CNN's got public trust
>>Lester Holt honored and feeling good
>>Bolling's Capitol Hill dream
>>Weather Channel chief moves up.
>>Calling it quits in Baltimore
>>Moving back to Traverse City
>>Mrs. B gets "into" it.

Monday, June 19
>>Generally high marks for Kelly interview
>>Did NBC get trolled?
>>Navigating the pundit jungle
>>O'Reilly plots return, promises "grisly" details
>>Pelley wishes us well as he signs off
>>The Worldwide Leader© consolidates
>>WISH plans a morning marathon
>>Univision expands in San Antonio and Chicago
>>When TV news gets it right
>>A news director exits in KC
>>Another is out the door in Ft. Smith
>>Tegna veteran takes over in Austin
>>A new sports reporter in Sacramento
>>A new sports guy in Dayton as well
>>A familiar face turns up in San Antonio

Friday, June 16
>>Kelly revamping Jones segment
>>Jones claims his own recording
>>The game went on. Civilly
>>Pelley: "Violence begins with words"
>>Six cities get Trib's "morning dose"
>>No stay. Clear path for Sinclair-Tribune
>>FOX's pantsuit revolution
>>CNN saved Alyson Camerota
>>Tyler exiting "The Talk"
>>Another mag cover for Erin Andrews
>>Former anchor declares "The Bimbo Has Brains"
>>Pearson takes "A Seat at the Table"
>>Ayem anchor in St. Louis exits.
>>CNN adds to White House corps
>>A new direction for a deposed anchor
>>Cincy's new traffic reporter
>>Putting "covfefe" to rest

Thursday, June 15
>>Networks scramble to cover shooting
>>Fox News is no longer Fair and Balanced
>>12 million viewers watch Senate testimony
>>HuffPost pink slips staffers
>>Newsrooms love the Bermuda Triangle
>>Connecticut station expands news hole
>>Chicago independent adds game show
>>Root Sports gets a new name
>>Charlotte veteran announces retirement
>>Tabloid Insider returns to Miami
>>KC anchor heads to Chicago
>>Veteran Pittsburgh anchor cuts back
>>Cleveland morning anchor out the door
>>Houston reporter follows husband
>>El Paso station adds two reporters
>>Mrs. B has her foot in the door

Wednesday, June 14
>>Congressman shot. Suspect in custody
>>Taking sides on Kelly-Jones
>>Media infighting over Mueller
>>To restrict or not to restrict
>>NBC'S Left Field experiment
>>New San Antonio newscasts debut
>>A new series for Tom Brokaw
>>Unemployed talking head mulls Congress
>>A nice, short live shot
>>Tampa investigative reporter disappears
>>Drazen goes corporate in Connecticut
>>Veteran Idaho anchor to be honored.
>>Uh-oh. Who owns it today?
>>A new weekend sports anchor in Little Rock
>>Former Lester Holt intern hired in Hartford
>>Win an Emmy, out the door.

Tuesday, June 13
>>Chase Bank dumps Kelly over Alex Jones
>>Sinclair re-ups several CBS Affiliates
>>NBC captures praise meeting
>>Taking the fun out of Colbert
>>Anger management for assault?
>>Late ESPN host pondered suicide
>>New team shaping up at FOX News
>>Do you watch "Nitely News"?
>>A fourth cancer battle for sports anchor
>>Rowdy Pens fans rattle reporter
>>New AP bureau is familiar 
>>LA reporter leaves on Facebook
>>Little Rock station launching afternoon clone
>>New weather guesser in Peoria
>>Nuevo deportista en Harlingen

Monday, June 12
>>The cable nets cover Comey differently
>>What if Twitter existed during Watergate?
>>How fake news is spawned and spread
>>Megyn Kelly faces off with Alex Jones
>>NBC News dresses up a DC  studio
>>A Tur profile scrambles Times editors
>>CNN cuts ties with Reza Aslan
>>NPR goes deep on staffers' deaths
>>Palm Springs anchor gets her star
>>Life after TV News. Sort of
>>Erie gets a new meteorologist
>>First-time News Director named
>>Station vet assumes the big chair
>>Gainesville News Director exits
>>Home again in Raleigh
>>Do you KNOW what a "walk-off" is?


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