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Friday's Stories

>>Vice News breaks through with Charlottesville doc
>>Steve Wasserman retires after 45 years
>>Mark Suppelsa leaving WGN at end of the year
>>An FCC Commissioner begs to differ
>>The Roger Ailes autopsy report is released
>>Jenna Wolfe seems headed to Fox Sports
>>Nexstar names new regional boss
>>Former employee sues Tegna for discrimination
>>Another WGN exec seeks sanctuary
>>Dayton really needs another hour of news
>>YouTube TV adds Newsy for the 18-34 crowd
>>Chicago anchor ready to return after illness
>>Tampa co-anchor chronicles eating disorder battle
>>FOX 26 Houston adds traffic/lifestyle reporter
>>Snowbird dumped in Nashville.



Thursday August 17
>>The talking heads aren't talking
>>Fox News host attacked for going off-script
>>Hope Hicks gets job nobody wants
>>"F&F" guests won't follow script
>>CNN getting picky about cameras
>>Longtime anchor steps away at WABC
>>New anchor lands at KMBC
>>Lots of people weigh in on net neutrality
>>Jacob Rascon heads home from NBC News
>>KGW names vet to new digital strategy job
>>Letting viewers vote on anchor clothes?
>>New Sacramento anchor dreams of Oakland
>>Cancer battling Pittsburgh anchor heads for the mound
>>WGN programmer now doing the same for Apple
>>A reporter lands in Columbia and is excited
>>Mrs. B: Again with the redundancy

Wednesday August 16
>>It was supposed to be about infrastructure...
>>Two more CEOs bail on WH advisory council
>>Sinclair-Trib opponents formalize their effort
>>Fox kills piece that advocated driving over protestors
>>Will politics hinder the Winter Olympics?
>>Beth Mowins set to make some CBS history
>>CNN says "no" to campaign's media attack ad
>>Iowa reporter gets court date for contempt charge
>>Univision anchor interviews KKK bonehead
>>New Orleans tv pioneer Maurice Guillerman passes
>>Dierdre Bolton returns to FBN
>>For sale: One helicopter. Contact Tegna Dallas
>>Here's your "Cowboy Insider", Dallas
>>San Antonio anchor-reporter leaves for family
>>Another newscast coming in Houston
>>Veteran anchor officially out in Rochester
>>After 45 years (43 in Nashville), Rudy Kalis retires
>>New chief meteorologist named at WGCL Atlanta

Tuesday August 15
>>Third time's a charm re: Charlottesville
>>Three CEOs quit Pres. council in protest
>>Is Ingraham getting Fox primetime slot?
>>Alt-right "news" usually isn't
>>Former ABC Sports analyst Frank Broyles dies
>>Acosta and Trump go back and forth.
>>House Dems want answers FCC Chair
>>Jake Tapper to moderate Ryan town hall
>>Jesse Palmer exits ABC News for syndication
>>Mike Tirico adds to his schedule. We win
>>Ginger Zee's big announcement
>>KRIV goes non-traditional at 10 PM
>>WMAR launching one of those lifestyle shows
>>Charlotte weatherman taking a break
>>Baltimore meteorologist heads...somewhere
>>Atlanta reporter follows wife to Boston
>>Mrs. B wishes you wouldn't have said that

Monday August 14
>>Cable covers a national tragedy
>>Jeffrey Lord has no regrets
>>Tantaros' Fox lawsuit faltering
>>Omarosa lays an egg at NABJ
>>Ali mounts offensive against Bolling
>>Who wants this White House job?
>>WSVN anchor duo marks 14 years
>>Bonehead NRA TV host apologizes
>>Chris Simms headed for a tv studio?
>>The Professor on the Seahawk sidelines
>>Right. Now. You need to know this
>>Speculation bubbles in Wichita over Herndon
>>Houston anchor introduces her replacement
>>Telemundo New York ND ankles.
>>Bagley returns to Ft. Smith

Friday August 11
>>Lord's Hitler salute gets him fired by CNN
>>O'Reilly debuts webcast, will go on CNN (!)
>>Trump TV anchor used to regularly ridicule him
>>Tegna hires a chief digital officer
>>New Orleans hand-wringing over Sinclair-Tribune
>>Kelly wants husband, mom on her new show
>>The Mooch doesn't understand "on the record"
>>With no coaching gig, Les Miles turns to TV
>>Adande taking his talents to academia fulltime
>>WFLD anchor heading back to Kansas and home
>>Selling cars doesn't compare to anchoring the news
>>Atlanta reporter heading to Tampa and WTVT
>>Indianapolis tv news vet leaving the anchor chair
>>OKC sports character marks 20 years
>>Charissa Thompson staying put
>>Setting things straight

Thursday August 10

>>Bolling sues reporter who got him suspended
>>Trib exec says merger with Sinclair is on track
>>Raycom now owns N.O. station it's been running
>>Megyn gets a social media logo
>>Veteran sportscaster out the door in Chicago
>>Another sportscaster may return to Chicago
>>CNN hires ANOTHER Politico reporter
>>Graham Media names new GM in Roanoke
>>Boston anchor shares good news & bad news
>>Nexstar adds to its DC bureau
>>Jane Robelot resurfaces at WYFF for a while
>>Nashville anchor departs. Replacement named
>>Tegna taps Painter as Knoxville news director 
>>Reporter leaves Sioux City for Little Rock
>>Sports director to Tallahassee from Cheyenne
>>Former ND named GM at WMC.
>>Raycom exec mulls retirement
>>Mrs. B is literally sick of "literally"

Wednesday August 9

>>The anti-leak Leaker-in-Chief
>>The cost of "pink slime"
>>Sinclair-Trib merger draws more objections
>>No Super Bowl for Tirico. He's got Seoul
>>Letterman to Netflix and chill
>>What if your only job was to flatter your boss?
>>Angela Taylor out the door at WESH
>>Just in time for sweeps. WFOR's new set
>>Enough about media elites. They aren't
>>WSMV get a new general manager
>>So does KOVR
>>CBS looking for new worlds to conquer
>>Is Chariss Thompson going to Bristol?
>>Guinness corrects the world record
>>Carolina meteorologist heads home

Tuesday August 8

>>McEnany: RNC spokesperson, Trump TV anchor
>>Chaffetz slaps Congress for following his example
>>CNN will be staying in the AT&T multiverse
>>Fox host Bolling reacts to charges & suspension
>>Objections to Sinclair-Trib merger getting louder
>>Maddow achieves what Larry King once did
>>Nielsen yields to demands it change methodology
>>Philly anchor battles unusual malady
>>When virtual sets can make anchors fly
>>San Diego news director "resigns" (wink, wink)
>>Ousted Atlanta ND lands in Jacksonville
>>Miami weekender trades for Atlanta mornings
>>Cupp and Costello get HLN the same debut date
>>WHEC GM tamps down unsettling rumors - sort of
>>Salinas' newsmagazine gets a second season nod
>>A good start for the new kid in Buffalo
>>Mrs. B does more with less.

Monday August 7

>>Fox host Eric Bolling suspended
>>AT&T contemplating a CNN sell-off?
>>Birmingham's WBRC producing mayoral debate
>>Fox's Greg Jarrett contradicts himself
>>WPLG celebrates 60 years
>>Former CNN talking head now on Trump TV
>>Bullet tears through Boston reporter's home
>>Two new anchors joining News 13 Orlando
>>Former Boston weatherman dies
>>New GM named in Fort Myers
>>Houston co-host exits after a year
>>Norfolk met recovering after tongue surgery
>>Salt Lake City anchor's ex-spouse sentenced
>>Will Spicer show up on "Weekend Update"?
>>Veteran news director stops to smell coffee


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