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News Release: NewsBlues Sold to Veteran TV Executive


Monday's Stories

>>DC anchor legend Jim Vance passes
>>Scaramucci redefines transparency
>>How those live WH press briefings came to be
>>Melber debuts tonight on MSNBC
>>Watchdog group pulls award from Hannity
>>New news bosses in Waco
>>WSB hits 1 million Twitter followers
>>Lansing anchor shuffle drops today
>>What happened to AM anchor duo in Tulsa?
>>Connecticut gets another hour of AM news
>>Tulsa station adds another weather guesser
>>KMOV adds another reporter
>>Former well-known St. Louis reporter passes
>>Univision buys up WMGM at a bargain price
>>Ready for a "Daily Blast"?
>>Boxer-clad bonehead hops aboard live truck
>>A new MMJ lands in Chattanooga
>>Tegna names new news director in Columbia, SC
>>Nexstar names vet to ND chair in Tyler, TX
>>Crossing the street in Denver



Friday July 21
>>OJ gets parole, tv execs get palpitations
>>Sinclair's home-made look gets a roasting
>>Cable gasbag's $$ ties to campaign outed
>>Someone's in a hurry to buy Scripps Networks
>>WXYZ marks 50th anniversary of Detroit riots
>>Forced resignation triggers lawsuit in Atlanta
>>DC sportscasting legend battled cancer
>>Ron Trevino makes it 35 years at KHOU
>>Fox 5 Plus now airing at 8 PM
>>KC met gets head painted blue.
>>Tapper's Sunday show gets new EP
>>Now you can map The Amazon Dress
>>A new face on Tampa airwaves
>>Buffalo sports guy ankles for parts unknown

Thursday July 20

>>NBC delivers news in a snap(chat)
>>Would a Scripps-Discovery merger work?
>>Submitting to Reddit can be fun
>>Horrors! Live-streaming WH audio-only briefing
>>Ransomware aftermath haunts SF station
>>New EP takes over at GMA
>>Well-traveled ND traveling again
>>Macon tv station sued for racial discrimination
>>Fox's earliest sex discrimination case revealed
>>The lawyers apologize for Stephen A.
>>Sports anchor moving from Little Rock to Raleigh
>>Dayton anchor trades mornings for nights
>>Freshly-degreed sports reporter goes to Bangor
>>Colorado MMJ moves down the road
>>Mrs. B, who's a grammar whiz, shows us why

Wednesday July 19

>>Sinclair vp mounts vigorous defense
>>The President's two-way mirror
>>Dan Rather takes a vacation
>>"Mediabuzz" or "Reliable Souces"?
>>Hoda Kotb can get REALLY excited
>>Another classic chyron
>>How do they pick these commentators?
>>Veteran Indy anchor on the mend
>>KWGN marks 65 years on the air
>>Former Houston sports guy back. Kind of
>>Fox reporter and WH PR person trade jabs
>>Anchor named to Buffalo soft newscast
>>Anchor moves from Mobile to Colorado Springs
>>Stan Miller leaving Oklahoma City
>>CT weather guesser recovering at home

Tuesday July 18

>>Kelly's ratings down half from premiere
>>Baltimore reporter takes on Sinclair
>>Savannah TV news fixture adds newscast
>>An OJ scoop two decades in the making
>>ABC News debuts digital-based debriefing
>>CT congressman introduces "Free Press Act"
>>Tampa consumer reporter adds anchor shift
>>End date set for "Mike & Mike"
>>MSNBC trolls "Made in America Week"
>>WIVB fills its AM anchor slot
>>Former Houston reporter comes back home
>>WGN reporter exits to get back to KOCO
>>KOCO promotes an Ogle.
>>Mrs. B explains "surplusage"

Monday July 17

>>Lawsuit filed to block Trib-Sinclair deal
>>ESPN airing OJ parole hearing live
>>ABC newser to head WHCA
>>Twin Cities veteran leaves tv news
>>Jonesboro duopoly launches new newscast
>>35 years and counting for Raible in Seattle
>>Scarborough out, Holt in at WNBC late night
>>Goodbye to Root Sports...mostly
>>Scripps promotes from within in Baltimore
>>Harrisburg ND tweets goodbye
>>ND opening at WRIC in Richmond
>>Rock Island ND leaving for KPRC job
>>News executive moves up at Verizon FIOS
>>Montana ND moves behind anchor desk
>>Jenna Wolfe up for co-host chores at FS1
>>Sports legend Bob Wolff RIP
>>Hawaii duopoly dumps regular sports segment


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