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"Some took to calling Kelly not 'Megyn' but rather 'Me-again'."
Vanity Fair



>>NBC joins CNN, ABC in pursuit of Megyn Kelly
>>Fox News insiders turn against "Me-again" Kelly
>>Trump to remain executive producer of "Apprentice"
>>Irony Alert posted against MSNBC's Brian Williams
>>Scott Pelley buys a vacation ranch in Texas
>>New poll finds Republicans trust Fox News
>>Chicago station hires former Miami reporter
>>Ex-AJAM correspondent joins Dallas station
>>Actress leaves "The View" after a year
>>Atlanta station makes morning hire official
>>Mississippi news director jumps 60 markets
>>San Diego anchor hired as ND in Palm Springs
>>Layoffs at Quincy duopoly caused by hub change
>>ABC O&O to continue doing news for independent
>>Former Little Rock host dies from heart surgery
>>Tina Fey's newsroom comedy green-lit by NBC
>>Robin Roberts to Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame
>>Fox Sports Super Bowl ad sales lagging
>>Mrs. B has a holiday card lesson on plurals



Thursday, December 8
>>Last-place Atlanta station hires alcoholic anchor
>>CNN, Turner, Time Warner sued for racial discrimination
>>Gayle King signs $16.5 million deal to stay at CBS
>>Rape charges formally dropped against ex-Fox reporter
>>Rumor: CBS to give "Late Show" to James Corden
>>Pope says spreading rumors is like eating shit
>>John Stossel to sign off at Fox Business Network
>>Tampa station prepares to jettison anchors
>>Quincy Media laying off staff in Indiana
>>AT&T and Time Warner CEOs testify in DC
>>CBS and ABC both claim football ratings victory
>>Should reporters be banned from tweeting?
>>Trump tells NBC he hates "Saturday Night Live"
>>Mrs. B wants you to be politically correct

Wednesday, December 7
>>Report: Scott Pelley to leave "CBS Evening News"
>>Will he be replaced by Norah O'Donnell?
>>Warehouse manager lashes out at "Today" interviewers
>>Fox News reporter drops blizzard shit-bomb
>>Viewers complained to FCC about Trump's "pussy"
>>Most complaints were from Florida
>>Arianna Huffington cancels campus speech
>>Highest-paid Denver anchor announces retirement
>>Arakawa blasts internal gossip as "fake news"
>>Weather Channel accuses Breitbart of twisting facts
>>Dallas weekend morning meteorologist out the door
>>Nashville breach of contract lawsuit dismissed
>>Inside the dark, incestuous TV news business
>>Mrs. B remembers Pearl Harbor

Tuesday, December 6
>>Reporter sued for refusing to return paycheck
>>Former news director's lawsuit drags on in Nashville
>>Massachusetts senator confronts Comcast CEO
>>Maine anchor apologizes for "huge error" on Twitter
>>Cleveland meteorologist's losing-streak beard
>>Natalie Morales to sit in for Savannah Guthrie
>>NBC extends Guthrie's "Today" show contract
>>NFL ratings are down, but ad prices are up
>>Fox News to shutter website for Latinos
>>Major US traffic information company sold
>>Hearst hires former San Francisco GM
>>Longtime Rochester reporter may run for mayor
>>Veteran Georgia anchor quits for PR job
>>Ex-Atlanta ND to Press Club Hall of Fame
>>Hundreds of Emmys® handed out in Chicago
>>Mrs. B goes round yon virgin

Monday, December 5
>>Rape charges to be dropped against former reporter
>>Ex-Fox News correspondent faced life in prison
>>Tegna replaces management team at DC flagship
>>Bay Area stations go wall-to-wall with fire aftermath
>>Texas ND exits after clash with general manager
>>El Paso news director out after just 18 months
>>Meredith sues reporter for breach of contract
>>CNN apologizes for inappropriate remark
>>Producer disciplined for joke about plane crash 
>>Critic: God sent Donald Trump to test the press
>>Harris Faulkner explains her unexplained absence
>>Megyn Kelly says you should believe only her
>>Portland morning reporter returns to Kansas City
>>North Carolina beauty queen lands in Sarasota
>>Pulse nightclub massacre = Suncoast Emmys®
>>Des Moines reporter offers unsolicited advice
>>Black cat makes a shameless Christmas request
>>Mrs. B has a grammar crisis

Friday, December 2
>>Jeff Zucker jeered and heckled at Harvard
>>Report: CNN wants Megyn Kelly, can't afford her
>>Kelly Ripa says Anderson Cooper "got away"
>>Bravo late-night talker moving to bigger small studio
>>More than 10 million watch Christmas tree lighting
>>New York reporter victim of brazen thieves
>>Carrier refuses credentials to Indianapolis reporter
>>Heart surgery for nation's longest-running anchor
>>Louisville anchor begins recovery from stroke
>>Former Tampa reporter hired as sewage spokesman
>>California anchor plans cross-country move
>>Myrtle Beach anchor jumps 56 markets
>>Funeral services held for Savannah anchor
>>Sweeping up in Denver and Austin
>>Nebraska station clears the deck for new studio
>>Mrs. B hopes you don't have a collision by accident

Thursday, December 1
>>Two of TV's most successful executives died this week
>>RTDNA executive director to retire in 2017
>>BET executive turned down Trump cabinet post
>>ABC News hires former Dallas police chief
>>Chicago station sues MundoMax for fraud
>>Saudi foundation to sponsor CNN show
>>Media General promotes a GM in Birmingham
>>Los Angeles anchor abruptly exits after 18 years
>>Ex-Houston sports guy to anchor morning in Seattle
>>Former Atlanta anchor joins Georgia Public TV
>>Palm Beach reporter leaves to teach broadcasting
>>Missouri reporter makes 121-market leap
>>Lightning strike knocks Cleveland station off air
>>Networks' cowardly collusion, or irrelevant TCA?
>>Mrs. B takes to the bully pulpit

Wednesday, November 30
>>Miracle drug saved Louisville anchor from stroke
>>Fox Sports Brazil staffers died in Colombian crash
>>Matt Lauer signs two-year extension with "Today"
>>David Muir credited with "World News" ratings win
>>First ABC News sweeps victory since Peter Jennings
>>Networks won't send executives to TCA press tour
>>Get ready for the cable news/Twitter presidency
>>Media debates: If Trump tweets it, is it news?
>>Sinclair to hub Toledo station out of South Bend
>>Layoffs begin at last-place Toledo station
>>Indianapolis news anchor returning to Atlanta
>>Cleveland meteorologist finishes non-compete
>>Five-station Palm Springs group hires news director
>>Cincinnati station adds first-time general manager
>>Longtime Chicago sports personality retires
>>Boston radio news anchor ends 33 year career
>>Dallas weekend meteorologist suddenly out
>>Charlotte station adds beauty queen morning host
>>Sweeping up in Pittsburgh, San Antonio, New Orleans 
>>Mrs. B says there's nothing worse than worser

Tuesday, November 29
>>Megyn Kelly furious with internal Fox News leak
>>Ronan Farrow continues to collect NBC paycheck
>>CNN's disingenuous campaign against fake news
>>NFL denies it will cancel "Thursday Night Football"
>>ESPN pays double everyone else for NFL games
>>False and sloppy reporting on college football
>>NBC swipes NHL All-Star Game from NBCSN
>>ABC Studios inks deal with Larry Wilmore
>>Flamboyant Fox Detroit reporter out the door
>>Indianapolis meteorologist returning to Orlando
>>San Fran GM escapes before ownership change
>>Veteran news manager drops 56 markets
>>Los Angeles morning anchor on medical leave
>>Veteran DC reporter joins police department
>>Tribune Media moving to nondescript office building
>>Salt Lake City station apologizes for sweeps report
>>Alt-right has become a linguistic flash point
>>Mrs. B has a historic grammar lesson

Monday, November 28
>>CNN Havana correspondent first with Castro death
>>Miami media planned Castro coverage for decades
>>Castro outlived most obituary writers
>>Fox News contributor joins Trump White House
>>Hardcore porn on CNN? Or another Twitter hoax?
>>Inside the profitable Fake News Sausage Factory
>>Want real news? Don't turn to the Chicago Tribune
>>Pelley says poison information threatens democracy
>>Louisville anchor collapses during Friday newscast
>>Denver station denies former reporter's claims
>>Dallas sports reporter to spend time with family
>>Biggest college football ratings of the season
>>ESPN2 misses end of Canadian Football championship 
>>Mrs. B has a lesson on when to capitalize



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