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"For the record me and her were never within 3 feet of each other once."
NBC News freelance photog Ashoka Mukpo

>>Liberals and conservatives inhabit different news worlds
>>Legendary Washington Post editor dead at 93
>>NBC News freelance photog declared Ebola-free
>>Dr. Nancy Snyderman quarantine ends today
>>CNN remains off 14 million Dish Network TVs
>>Ferguson protesters shout down CNN live-shot
>>Staff cuts hit hard at CNN International
>>Sinclair says reports of DC newsroom unrest are overblown
>>Attorney sues Fox Chicago for defamation
>>Tribune buying Sun-Times suburban papers
>>ABC changes graphics at "The View"...again
>>Barbara Walters is coming out of retirement
>>World Series may be thrown out at home
>>Kansas City station apologizes for horrible tweet
>>Miami reporter lands in Detroit in time for winter
>>Cincinnati station hires a new morning anchor
>>Blondiful anchor returns from hospice
>>Two longtime Memphis reporters quit
>>Sinclair expected to evict Barney and Sandy
>>Mrs. B is feeling euphemistic



Tuesday, October 21
>>Will Dr. Nancy Snyderman survive quarantine?
>>NBC "Today" host tears abdominal muscle screaming
>>Dish Network boots CNN in carriage dispute
>>CNN drops "New Day" executive producer
>>Longtime ABC News spokesman quits for PR
>>Scott Pelley takes pride in third-place newscast
>>Chicago meteorologist expected to cross the street
>>Indianapolis meteorologist hired in Boston
>>New Orleans station hires actor as morning anchor
>>NABJ president burns bridges at CNN
>>Seattle station's Peyton Manning graphics gaffe
>>Sports Illustrated reporter arrested in Chicago
>>Was American reporter murdered by CIA?
>>Texas meteorologist sues, jumps to competition
>>Dallas reporter celebrates 40th anniversary
>>Legendary Chattanooga announcer dead at 92
>>Mrs. B has a preposition proposition

Monday, October 20
>>Battle for Seattle Fox affiliation ends in compromise
>>Seattle's competing husband and wife news directors
>>CNN threatens to yank support from Black Journalists
>>Courage in Journalism award for intoxicated correspondent
>>Tim Russert's desk moves from Newseum to Buffalo
>>Elisabeth Hasselbeck recovering from mystery surgery
>>Matt Lauer divorce documents unsealed
>>Drunken pumpkin riot triggers cable confrontation
>>Fargo sports guy arrested for breaking guy's nose
>>Letterman cue-card guy fired for punching writer
>>Boston morning anchor quits for family time
>>Ripple gnaws through meteorologist's leash
>>Mrs. B has some nasty politics

Friday, October 17
>>Tampa station fires two top news managers
>>Internal review led to accusations of poor judgment
>>Cincinnati station hires reporter following DUI arrest
>>The David Muir "Breaking News" Drinking Game
>>NBC Nightly News tinkers with lighting, graphics
>>General manager of gets the layoff boot
>>Brookings Institute: Newspapers are dying
>>As David Muir would say: "Breaking News"
>>Fox News threatens to arrest comedian/actor
>>Longtime Houston meteorologist heads to El Lay
>>Chicago ABC O&O hires a weekend sports anchor
>>Miami reporter heads to Dallas anchor gig
>>Charlotte station gets a weekend meteorologist
>>Veteran Nebraska sports guy abruptly fired
>>China blocks BBC with its Great Firewall
>>Mrs. B wonders what's worse than worst

Thursday, October 16
>>ABC News staffers avoid medical editor after Liberia trip
>>Cable nets stoking Ebola fear with heated rhetoric
>>Shep confronts hysterical and irresponsible reporting
>>NBC quarantine violation blamed for maid's firing
>>CNN cancels four low-rated shows, layoffs continue
>>HLN promises decision on Nancy Grace by Friday
>>Seattle news director returns to Denver roots
>>Suspended ESPN host played golf for three weeks
>>Former Weather Channel meteorologist dumped
>>Charlotte stations offer differing team smotherage
>>Ted Turner wants to sell you his island
>>CNBC confirms "Jay Leno's Garage" for 2015
>>Ernie Pyle sculptor could have used a copy editor
>>NewsBlues Surly Editor® says "Never mind"
>>Mrs. B rounds up some heavy equipment

Wednesday, October 15
>>Nielsen negates David Muir ratings victory
>>ABC still won nightly news demo
>>Layoffs have begun at CNN, Jane Velez-Mitchell out
>>Tribune New York news director leaves early
>>Search for replacement not going as planned
>>Indianapolis news crew carjacked at gunpoint
>>New CBS affiliate building a news department
>>Charlotte judge bans courthouse photogs
>>Alabama host jumps to Nashville 
>>Longtime Buffalo reporter out the door
>>Critic rips Baltimore Baseball Hall of Famer
>>ESPN host returns from suspension
>>Anchor farts, blames couch, everyone laughs
>>Orlando reporter's monsoon liveshot
>>Mrs. B ponders "there's a lot of"

Tuesday, October 14
>>NBC correspondent apologizes for busting quarantine
>>Snyderman story came from man in line for food
>>Report: MSNBC will soon cancel Ronan Farrow
>>Savannah Guthrie will return in three weeks
>>NBCUniversal plans $3.3 billion theme park in China
>>Should HBO "officially" open a news division?
>>Cops used "catch and release" tactics in Ferguson
>>Bill O'Reilly likes to "smack around" Jon Stewart
>>Charlotte station features news you cannot use
>>Sinclair to terrorize viewers on Thursday
>>Arkansas meteorologist returning to Oklahoma
>>Minnesota anchor has had enough family time
>>Arizona mega-septopoly crippled by solar radiation
>>Kansas City reporter gets meat in her mouth 
>>Mrs. B has some old-fashioned words

Monday, October 13
>>Nielsen software glitch favored ABC for seven months
>>New Jersey puts NBC crew on mandatory quarantine
>>Snyderman's take-out food threatened Ebola risk
>>MSNBC ratings shrink, management seeks answers
>>Olbermann apologized to Clinton for MSNBC excess
>>Vermont station apologizes for nude murder scene
>>DC market loses another news director
>>Gannett finally hires news director in Charlotte
>>When the CBS Godfather calls, Whitaker listens
>>Head of NBC News Digital quits after two years
>>Indianapolis assistant ND heads to Peoria
>>Georgia reporter returns to Orlando Fox O&O
>>Longtime Detroit reporter quits for PR gig
>>Former Indianapolis sports guys lands in Texas
>>FX animated spy spoof dumps ISIS 
>>Mrs. B propositions your preposition



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