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"It is always tough for me to talk about stories that involve sweet little children."
WOAI news anchor Evy Ramos

>>Former Sacramento anchor enters stage-managed plea
>>Another San Antonio anchor loses her composure
>>Veteran Denver anchor retires...or does he?
>>Longtime Tulsa anchor pushed out the door
>>Former big-market news director dies at home
>>NBC News president was taken out of context
>>Cable news distorts reality with dramatic repetition
>>ABC's "The View" gets a new executive producer
>>ABC's "World News" renamed "World News Tonight"
>>Former Cleveland anchor hired in Hartford
>>St. Louis reporter booted after just 16 months
>>Former San Antonio anchor now working in El Lay
>>Fox Philly loses/gains a weekend sports anchor
>>Obama to attend wedding of MSNBC correspondent
>>OK City reporter thrilled to be headed to Miami
>>Toledo reporter signs off, bound for parts unknown
>>Taking the "Douse Yourself in Gasoline Challenge"
>>Remembering CNN as "Chicken Noodle News"
>>Mrs. B puts on her history hat



Thursday, August 28
>>Diane Sawyer signs off at "Good Evening America"
>>David Muir, youngest network anchor since Peter Jennings
>>Elizabeth Vargas checks out of rehab, extends contract
>>Rob Marciano leaves "ET" for "GMA"
>>WNBC I-Team reporter headed to ABC News
>>CNN accused of intentionally airing hoax tape
>>Rob Morrison ordered to stand trial for harassment
>>Baton Rouge TV host murdered by son-in-law
>>Omaha cops shoot and kill "Cops" employee
>>Former Orlando anchor facing cancer return
>>Top Gannett news executive to Jacksonville
>>Boston morning meteorologist out the door
>>Miami morning anchor won't be renewed
>>ESPN apologizes for "collective failure"
>>NFL announcer suspended for anti-Semitic joke
>>Des Moines sports guy to read news in Omaha
>>Demoted Greenville anchor calls it quits
>>TV's worst corn festival live shot
>>Mrs. B woulda, coulda, shoulda

Wednesday, August 27
>>New book skewers three top female news anchors
>>Diane Sawyer signs off today from "World News"
>>ABC News shuffles top news managers
>>30 Rock is "apoplectic" over Turness comments
>>O'Reilly accuses Sharpton of corrupting NBC News
>>Turner Broadcasting now says buyouts will top 600
>>ESPN will move Keith Olbermann to afternoons
>>Another Denver news director out the door
>>Longtime NBC news manager leaves El Lay O&O
>>Jacksonville general manager resigns
>>New call letters for Cox Media's Jacksonville duopoly
>>Indianapolis affiliation loss cost LIN $100 million
>>WWOR ratings crater at "Chasing New Jersey"
>>Deborah Norville reups with "Inside Edition"
>>Emmy Award-winning New York anchor out
>>CBS shuffles news anchor teams in Boston
>>Blondiful Dallas anchor quits to follow family
>>Veteran NY1 anchor diagnosed with colon cancer
>>Houston morning anchor demoted to street reporting
>>Baton Rouge station gets a new morning anchor
>>Fired anchor questions station's integrity and ethics
>>Mrs. B has your grammar number

Tuesday, August 26
>>Turner Broadcasting expected to cut 2,000 jobs
>>Robin Meade is bad news for Alisyn Camerota
>>Ashleigh Banfield dating President Frank Underwood
>>The Colbert Report wins Outstanding Variety Emmy
>>Denver news director resigns after three years
>>LIN Media shuffles executives in Indianapolis, Savannah
>>Sinclair CEO sues farmer for corn trespassing
>>Carr: Vice News isn't TV news...it's serious
>>NBC News boss wants big changes at "MTP"
>>Manhattan isn't big enough for Rosie and Ripa
>>Atlanta station hires Weather Channel meteorologist
>>Connecticut cable anchor heads to Boston O&O
>>Fox Philly prepares to launch weekend newscast
>>Tampa station gets a new morning anchor
>>Tulsa morning anchor moves to Kansas City
>>Grand Rapids morning anchor calls it quits
>>Is Orlando station preparing for anchor moves?
>>Former Rockford anchor settles his lawsuit
>>Ex-producer sues Houston station for discrimination
>>Mrs. B executes a grammar lesson

Monday, August 25
>>Significant layoffs are coming to CNN
>>Time Warner in talks to dump HLN
>>Robin Meade moving to CNN's "New Day"
>>CNN gets pranked again by Captain Janks
>>San Fran stations go wall-to-wall with Napa shaker
>>CNN International replaces "water cannon" anchor
>>CNN reporter glad he came out of the closet
>>Fox News anchor saves choking woman
>>Deborah Turness rescued NBC from deep sleep
>>Diane Sawyer anchors final week at ABC
>>Veteran Columbus anchor sues former bosses
>>Sinclair sets management in Birmingham
>>Mississippi general manager to retire
>>News director changes in Madison & Wilmington
>>Veteran Cincinnati anchor signs off
>>Hartford anchor bound for parts unknown
>>The ones that got away from NBC Chicago
>>San Antonio anchors have baby boy
>>NBC "Today" anchor is pregnant again
>>Mrs. B helps with your sentence structure

Friday, August 22
>>CNN BREAKING NEWS: Two black men arguing for 7 minutes
>>Bill O'Reilly calls Al Sharpton a self-aggrandizing charlatan
>>MSNBC covered Ferguson twice as much as Fox News
>>If it bleeds, it leads in Ferguson on social media
>>Mrs. and Mrs. Leslie Moonves trade ice buckets
>>Julie Chen asks: "How's my hair?"
>>ESPN SportsCenter anchor criticizes his network
>>Insane Little League World Series numbers
>>Al Gore criticizes Al Jazeera's disastrous decisions
>>Sinclair hires Allbritton guy to run Allbritton stations
>>Media General adjusts purchase price of LIN Media
>>Miami meteorologist takes 94-market drop to Idaho
>>Elizabeth Vargas filed for divorce last winter
>>David Gregory writing a book on his Jewish faith
>>Anderson Cooper lands a Marvel comic book gig
>>ABC's "The View" is moving to "Katie" studio
>>NBC has some good news and more good news
>>Mrs. B is feeling a bit nauseated

Thursday, August 21
>>Media General, LIN, Meredith, Sinclair, Hearst trade stations
>>Tampa general manager suddenly gets the boot
>>Palm Beach station hires news director from Phoenix
>>CNN accuses Ferguson cop of gang connections
>>Joe Biden wants Al Roker on the White House cabinet
>>CNN's "New Day" finally wins the demo
>>Report: Whoopi wants off "The View"
>>Detroit weekend anchor moves to mornings
>>Minneapolis meteorologist escapes to weekends
>>Former morning reporter to anchor in Buffalo
>>Little Rock anchor teaches Lauer to call the Hogs
>>OK City station hires a sixth meteorologist
>>Nancy O'Dell gets a new "ET" co-anchor
>>Former Miami host lands at El Lay's "The Insider"
>>Man sentenced to 22 years in death of reporter's mom
>>Former producer files second lawsuit against NBC
>>ESPN anchor sues skating rink for arm injury
>>The mean intern makes Gary Vosot cry
>>Mrs. B hears from a Chicago grammar peep

Wednesday, August 20
>>Dallas anchor fired two weeks after arrest in Aspen
>>CNN anchors accused of crossing the line of advocacy
>>Freelance photog beheaded by terrorist group
>>West Virginia stations lift news embargo against candidate
>>Sinclair names a new general manager in DC
>>New York news director steps down after 15 months
>>Weather Channel hires programming VP from CNN
>>Al Jazeera pushes back against Al Gore lawsuit
>>Chicago sports anchor to do news in St. Louis
>>Dallas viewers give thumbs down to bald traffic reporter
>>Former Miss Colorado to anchor mornings in Pueblo
>>Former Atlanta news chopper pilot dies in crash
>>Veteran Charleston reporter has Parkinsonís disease
>>Las Vegas news director rejects Ice Bucket participation
>>Andrea Mitchell challenges Hillary Clinton
>>Ice challenge is about peer pressure and narcissism
>>CNN renews New Year's Eve co-hosts for 8th year
>>Oklahoma City morning anchors shaken by earthquake
>>Mrs. B appreciates brevity, clarity, and objectivity

Tuesday, August 19
>>Media nearly outnumbered protestors in Ferguson last night
>>The "Al Jazeera effect" of media coverage from Ferguson
>>Legendary Boston anchor to step down in 10 days
>>Dallas anchor goes underground after arrest
>>Couric girl won't be appearing on NBC's "Today"
>>ABC's David Muir "is openly gay in his day-to-day life"
>>Brian Williams is puzzled by ABC's "No World News"
>>New Philly anchor has "a little sass to me"
>>Cox braces for viewer backlash in Jacksonville
>>Seattle reporter confirms he's crossing the street
>>Veteran Orlando reporter beams up to Atlanta
>>O-Town Fox O&O hires blondiful Naptown reporter
>>Two new hires at Austin Fox O&O
>>Raleigh weatherman works toward the pulpit
>>Miami station hires a bodybuilder weather guesser
>>New Hampshire News One hires CNN political director
>>Twitter account catches news website in lies
>>Mrs. B hopes you're not a convicted felon

Monday, August 18
>>St. Louis station shows home of police officer
>>Viewers call for boycott of station, apology issued
>>More reporters handcuffed in Ferguson
>>Dallas anchor arrested for disorderly conduct
>>ABC's Elizabeth Vargas back in rehab
>>Longtime White House correspondent to retire
>>NBC paid David Gregory $4 million to leave
>>Al Gore sues Al Jazeera for breach of contract
>>Robin Williams suicide coverage "filled with ignorance"
>>HBO's "The Newsroom" is a wrap
>>Chicago weekend weather guesser resigns
>>The long, strange career journey of Byron Miranda
>>Hartford morning anchor suddenly out
>>North Carolina station gets a new chief met
>>Plenty of tearful farewells on Friday
>>Miami "Deco Drive" host calls it quits
>>Jacksonville anchor moves to management
>>News director changes in Iowa and Maine
>>Meredith Vieira to return to "Today"
>>And the Creative Arts Emmy Awards go to.....
>>Ten years as a morning fill-in anchor
>>Longest career in TV news...more than 47 years
>>Mrs. B has a tortuous lesson on torturous


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