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"Look, it's no secret; local television news is a popularity contest."
Meteorologist Paul Douglas

>>Weather Channel says Champion's show will be cheap
>>Raleigh meteorologist hates political agendas
>>Minneapolis meteorologist frightened by conservatives
>>CNN expecting significant smaller audience for debate
>>Trump wishes he could participate in Democratic debate
>>The Village Voice has been sold
>>Head of BBC television to step down
>>ABC News wins Murrow for Overall Excellence
>>ESPN pulls documentary at the last minute
>>Meteorologist moves to smaller market
>>Husband-wife anchors take 40-market drop
>>Chicago cable sports reporter out after two years
>>Houston chief meteorologist hospitalized
>>Here's a buck to turn off that Taxi TV
>>Mrs. B ascends to the podium



Monday, October 12
>>Sam Champion gets a primetime weather talk show
>>Tegna stations go dark on Dish before settlement reached
>>Pancreatic cancer claims veteran Seattle reporter
>>Philadelphia station makes final offer in IBEW strike
>>New Orleans morning meteorologist dropped
>>Former Miami chief meteorologist eyes New Orleans
>>Charlotte chief met follows wife's job to Boston
>>Hartford investigative reporter jumps to competition
>>Norfolk news director fired on her birthday
>>San Francisco station adds Asian language channel
>>Theme music company wants to give you a guitar
>>Mika and Joe headed to Cable Hall of Fame
>>Orlando station adds two small-market reporters
>>NewsBlues visits the factory for "old men's toys"
>>Mrs. B investigates collective nouns

Friday, October 9
>>Megyn Kelly expects to interview Donald Trump
>>Speaker John Boehner backs out of "Tonight Show"
>>Jay Leno can't stand nightly network newscasts
>>Leno's Garage gets CNBC's largest primetime audience
>>CNN shrinks Democratic presidential debate
>>Chicago's Tribune Towers is for sale...again
>>South Carolina chief meteorologist dropped
>>Dayton station hires Cincinnati reporter
>>Veteran Dallas investigative reporter signs off
>>Topeka anchor makes 102-market leap
>>Roanoke hires a new weekend sports anchor
>>TNT's NBA sideline reporter released from hospital
>>Arise TV in shambles and debt, reduces schedule
>>Nigerian media mogul paid Bill Clinton $1.4 million
>>Mrs. B's grammar lesson is not her first ever

Thursday, October 8
>>Former Sacramento online editor guilty of hacking
>>Media General and Meredith deny deal is dead
>>Gannett doubles down on newspapers, buys Journal
>>Veteran Philly anchor steps down after 33 years
>>Senior Tampa reporter abruptly out the door
>>Dallas station hires former Houston reporter
>>New Hampshire reporter pleads not guilty to DUI
>>Dothan commissioner released on assault charge
>>Anderson Cooper promises no "gotcha" questions
>>Al Roker to front daily segment on TWC mobile app
>>ABC Family network renames itself "Freeform"
>>TV Guide has been sold, yet again
>>New York station shuffles morning anchors
>>NewsBlues choo-choos up to Chattanooga
>>Mrs. B helps you with your contractions

Wednesday, October 7
>>Two former Orlando reporters file for bankruptcy
>>Alabama city commissioner arrested for punching reporter
>>Reporter sent to knock on door of violent man
>>Media General's bid for Meredith appears dead
>>Longtime Boise anchor quits for hospital PR job
>>Veteran Albany news anchor plans career change
>>Young Hartford reporter hired in Boston
>>Atlanta executive producer dies of mystery illness
>>San Antonio station eyes former CBS correspondent
>>NBCUniversal boss defends Brian Williams
>>Is Keith Olbermann returning to MSNBC?
>>What happened to that Trump-Fox summit?
>>Marco Rubio's two-month boycott of CNN
>>Piers Morgan extends deal with
>>Al Jazeera America newsroom votes to join union
>>Providence anchor still stewing after suspension
>>Mrs. B separates there, they're, and their

Tuesday, October 6
>>Union accuses NBC of "serious breach of security"
>>Andy Lack isn't finished tinkering with MSNBC
>>Former MSNBC host hired by Fox News
>>Roker apologizes for "insensitive" flood selfie
>>Roker wanders into CNN live shot on HLN
>>WPIX anchor sets high-water mark for self-promotion
>>Veteran colleagues chafe at young anchor's cutesy desk
>>Houston beauty gives makeup tips from her bathroom
>>OK City anchor says she was bullied by former boss
>>Female sports journalists barred from NFL locker room
>>Why are presidential candidates going late-night?
>>Holt-Muir evening news race is about to heat up
>>Hartford reporter quits for new adventure
>>Tampa station unveils an expensive new set
>>DirecTV's ad campaign skewers cable mergers
>>Mrs. B has a preposition for you

Monday, October 5
>>Austin producer sues Sinclair, fears for his life
>>Telemundo anchor quits "toxic and hostile" station
>>Veteran Santa Barbara anchor faces six misdemeanors
>>Layoffs at "Dr. Phil" cause staffers to threaten mutiny
>>Tribune reaches carriage deal with AT&T U-Verse
>>Gray to sell Wichita station to satisfy regulators
>>Gannett sells its headquarters for a $30 million loss
>>Layoffs ahead as Gannett offers early retirement
>>Did Hillary flop or kill on "Saturday Night Live"?
>>Viewers split on Brian Williams's return to MSNBC
>>Lester Holt elected to California Hall of Fame
>>Newt Gingrich leaves CNN for Fox News
>>Top 30 market hires young weather guesser
>>Arkansas news director moves to Albuquerque
>>CBS Los Angeles needs one-man band volunteers
>>Mrs. B tries to capitalize on the Ebola virus



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