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"I'm separated, trans and I love cooking."
Former ABC News editor Dawn/Don Ennis

>>Transvestite ABC News manager hired as reporter
>>Piers Morgan joins largest newspaper website
>>Fox News prime-time ratings through the roof
>>Megyn Kelly ratings jump 36% in one year
>>Newsweek adds a plagiarism warning
>>Saying "Redskins" might get you fined
>>FCC admits it has no power over NFL blackouts
>>The ladies of "The View" call out Walmart
>>New film about LA crime news reporting
>>Longtime Detroit morning anchor out the door
>>CBS Newspath hires former Allbritton DC reporter
>>Sinclair extends ABC affiliation in 13 markets
>>MSNBC's Sharpton turns 60, sells sponsorships
>>CBS Sports Network launches female sports talker
>>Mrs. B has no new revelations



Tuesday, September 30
>>Former Philly sports anchor pleads guilty to theft
>>Stunning management shakeup continues in Denver
>>FCC expected to sack the NFL's blackout rule
>>Cleveland news director promoted up and out
>>Assistant NDs promoted in Columbus, Birmingham
>>NBC's Josh Elliot engaged to WABC's Liz Cho
>>Willie Geist injured by bourbon bottle
>>Good Morning America's "Extreme Ginger Series"
>>Michael Strahan will strip to his skivvies
>>Rosie and Whoopi clash in front of audience
>>Zimmerman stuck CNN with huge hotel bill
>>Tweeting while watching TV is bad for your brain
>>Las Vegas station hit by "serious theft"
>>Griffin plans Oklahoma City duopoly
>>Shreveport station gets husband/wife anchors
>>Ed Sullivan goes missing in Hollywood
>>Kent Shocknek now selling used cars
>>Mrs. B battles redundancies

Monday, September 29
>>DUI charges quietly dismissed against former Reno GM
>>Fox News anchor making quiet comeback from arrest
>>Les Moonves as a European ambassador?
>>The Weather Channel adds more reality shows
>>TWC is pushing "human-caused climate change agenda"
>>Ginger Zee to spend two days with "Deadliest Catch"
>>BriWi still don't tweet, but has 203,000 followers
>>NBC has finally recovered from Jeff Zucker
>>DirecTV shareholders want AT&T merger
>>Sinclair prepares to debut new El Paso duopoly
>>Former Chicago morning anchor lands radio gig
>>Hartford station hires a beauty queen traffic reporter
>>Former "Bachelorette" debuts in Birmingham
>>Ex-"Survivor" leaving Greenville anchor job
>>Alabama meteorologist jumps 77 markets
>>Legendary Ben Bradlee in hospice care
>>Don't try to bullshit DC's  Jim Vance
>>Mrs. B is feeling completely submerged

Thursday, September 25
>>ESPN suspends veteran commentator for vulgar podcast
>>Jeff Zucker has "complete confidence" in Fareed Zakaria
>>Mexican TV reporter fired for taking cash from drug lord
>>Sinclair holds on to DC cable news boss
>>Syracuse news director hired in Austin
>>East Texas welcomes big-time news anchor
>>Chicago suffers from a bad case of Emmy inflation
>>New York anchor selling his Hamptons getaway
>>Buffalo reporter to cross the street
>>Sarasota cable station rebrands again
>>Alabama reporter headed to Jacksonville
>>Jax station to add weekend morning newscasts
>>Little Rock station shuffles morning anchors
>>Hair today, gone tomorrow in St. Louis
>>Mrs. B is on the horns of a dilemma

Wednesday, September 24
>>Fox Television's affiliation squeeze in Seattle
>>Tribune offered Chicago station in trade
>>Sinclair moves Columbus news director to DC
>>Will DC transfer kill Ludlow-Dispatch lawsuit?
>>Cleveland station sued for hidden restroom camera
>>News director apologizes for irresponsible journalism
>>Anchorage reporter's third job in three years
>>Marijuana crowd-funding project has doubled its goal
>>Anchor stalker sent to psychiatric facility
>>Fox News contributor on Terrorist Watchlist
>>Longtime Chicago personality out the door
>>El Paso news photog keeps rolling during rescue
>>Weather Channel plans 4K conversion by 2018
>>ESPN "Monday Night Football" ratings down 12%
>>So, this is what heaven smells like?
>>Mrs. B celebrates National Punctuation Day

Tuesday, September 23
>>Ex-Alaska reporter accused of threatening neighbor
>>Resignation video tops six-million YouTube views
>>Husband of Philadelphia reporter arrested for rape
>>Popular Dallas sports anchor dies of heart failure
>>Wife of CBS executive dies from bike injuries
>>Best "60 Minutes" season debut since 1977
>>Tribune boss was paid more than $8.7 million
>>San Francisco station blows up 6 p.m. newscast
>>San Diego reporter hired in Philadelphia
>>Former NewsBlues Looker jumps 174 markets
>>Another reporter-anchor quits in Columbus
>>Former anchor teaches cops to deal with media
>>Chicago station puts the "suck" in succeed
>>Mrs. B is drink, drank, drunk

Monday, September 22
>>Alaska reporter quits to sell pot
>>Dallas sports anchor hospitalized with heart failure
>>Recently retired meteorologist in intensive care
>>Norfolk sports anchor has heart attack
>>DC news director headed to Oakland
>>NBC News sends Ann Curry to Iran
>>Good news for all you Johnny Weir fans out there
>>Networks break into programming for NFL presser
>>CNN won't air video from Islamic State
>>Al Jazeera America files a countersuit
>>CNN's Kate Bolduan departs on maternity leave
>>New York meteorologist quits after four months
>>OK City reporter takes 113-market drop to anchor
>>Top Lexington station gets a new morning anchor
>>Longtime San Francisco news anchor dropped
>>San Antonio station hires anchor from Mexico
>>Seattle station eyes a new home near stadium
>>First-time news director in Market #203
>>Golden Gate Bridge hires a former reporter
>>Musical chairs in Los Angeles
>>India’s first transgender news anchor
>>Norway's record 33-hour weathercast
>>Mrs. B is feeling autumnal



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