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Thursday, October 30
>>Sinclair cleans house in Las Vegas
>>Veteran anchor retires from Sinclair DC station
>>Two Des Moines anchors plead guilty to drunk driving
>>Jacksonville morning anchor crosses the street
>>Rosanna Scotto breaks elbow and wrist during shoot
>>NBC signs blondiful NASCAR pit reporter
>>Minneapolis station hires Birmingham reporter
>>Former Orlando anchor promoted in Houston
>>Arkansas meteorologist returns to Tulsa
>>Al Jazeera America ratings down 44%
>>When the EXCLUSIVE is anything but exclusive
>>Atlanta station blows up the Space Shuttle
>>Oakland station wallows in Fox affiliation
>>HLN has a new top-secret logo
>>Amelia Earhart didn't crash in the Pacific
>>Channel 13 featured unlucky black cats
>>Mrs. B reminds you to fall back

Wednesday, October 29
>>CBS's "60 Minutes" accused of one-sided reporting
>>Former CBS correspondent says her cable was bugged
>>Nora O'Donnell to guest star on "Blue Bloods"
>>FBI says it faked an AP story to catch a bonehead
>>CNN layoffs ended David Gregory employment talks
>>Ferguson's top cop calls CNN report "completely wrong"
>>At CNN airport store, they watch MSNBC
>>Critic: CNN International turns blind eye to facts
>>HBO to lay off 150 employees this week
>>Popular North Carolina meteorologist dies at 61
>>How Al Sharpton lost 175 pounds
>>Climate skeptic featured on "The Kelly File"
>>Pittsburgh afternoon anchor headed to Detroit
>>Idaho Falls anchor makes 110-market leap
>>News management changes in Buffalo and Colorado
>>Our choices for news/station managers of the year
>>Atlanta reporter feared she had multiple sclerosis
>>Trotting out Mark McEwen for November Sweeps
>>Take a tour of KRON's new Embarcadero home
>>Mrs. B has a first ever grammar lesson

Tuesday, October 28
>>Lord moves in mysterious ways in DC
>>Facebook has changed how people access news
>>Fox News reporter who protected sources out the door
>>Smack dab in the middle of BREAKING NEWS at Fox
>>CNN senior medical correspondent latest departure
>>Jeff Zucker says CNN may become movie producer
>>World Series ratings are soft but play is exceptional
>>Kansas City station has premature celebration
>>San Francisco station plans move for November
>>KTLA traffic reporter uses the "F" word
>>Houston station hires reporter from El Paso
>>Another Columbus reporter calls it quits
>>Blondiful sports anchor promoted in Wichita
>>Mississippi news director returns to anchoring
>>Fargo sports anchor fired following arrest
>>Orlando sports anchor on thin ice
>>Mrs. B dislikes wordy phrases

Monday, October 27
>>ABC News uses "bait and switch" says analyst
>>10 Sneaky Ways ABC Is Boosting "World News" Ratings
>>Prosecution deferred against former Dallas anchor
>>CNN reports on "Royal Canadian Mountain Police"
>>Longtime cable business reporter dead at 53
>>NBC agrees to pay $6.4 million to settle lawsuit
>>Luke Russert debuts on "Meet the Press"
>>Former CBS correspondent on being stonewalled
>>Fox News: Beautiful women shouldn't vote
>>Management shakeup at The Weather Channel
>>Former NewsBlues Looker abruptly resigns
>>Memphis reporter drops 31 markets to anchor
>>Texas anchor quits to spent time with family
>>Austin station hires a weekend weather guesser
>>Booted news director lands in Louisiana
>>Minneapolis meteorologist on bipolar disorder
>>Hundreds of Lone Star Emmys in Houston
>>Mississippi TV's "Oprah of the South"
>>Permission to drink beer on TV, sorta
>>Mrs. B has the language of the people

Friday, October 24
>>FBI warns broadcasters to beware of ISIL kidnapping
>>TV anchors are "desirable targets" for execution
>>National Weather Service employee arrested by FBI
>>Dr. Nancy Snyderman's previous ABC News suspension
>>Orlando sports anchor ignores bosses, shoots beer ad
>>Sports Illustrated suspends reporter for a month
>>Nexstar agrees to pay $68 million for Phoenix station
>>AMC pays $200 million for half of BBC America
>>Comcast SportsNet Houston signs off after two years
>>Federal judge orders Aereo to stop streaming
>>Ex-Sacramento anchor's theft case delayed again
>>San Antonio I-Team reporter sued for libel
>>CNN anchor apologizes for joking about Palin
>>Anderson Cooper scolds reporter for selfie request
>>Meteorologist: Climate change is "nothing but a lie"
>>Duluth weather guesser hired in Missouri
>>Texas anchor makes 95-market leap
>>Mississippi meteorologist jumps 107 markets
>>New reality show goes behind the scenes in TV news
>>Mrs. B propositions your preposition

Thursday, October 23
>>Weather Channel drops AMHQ executive producer
>>Nancy Snyderman to return to NBC next month
>>NBC scores EXCLUSIVE interview with cameraman
>>Elizabeth Vargas to return to work next week
>>ABC's "No World News" is also "no political news"
>>CNN layoffs continue, weather to originate from ATL
>>Jane Velez-Mitchell to do nightly animal rights show
>>CNN's Jeff Zucker has some "exciting news"
>>CBS News plans 24-hour digital news channel
>>Fox News reports, Fox News decides
>>Megyn Kelly's kids don't know what she does
>>Worst rated World Series opening game ever
>>Gannett Broadcasting revenue up 105%
>>FCC halts review of two major media mergers
>>Boston reporter debuts today as Seattle anchor
>>NBC hires a Spanish-speaking sports guy in Miami
>>Funeral in Beirut for American reporter
>>Rosie blows her top over "The View's" new gimmick
>>Nancy Grace gets some pink jailhouse underwear
>>Meet the newest member of NewsBlues
>>Mrs. B has an alleged grammar lesson

Wednesday, October 22
>>Liberals and conservatives inhabit different news worlds
>>Legendary Washington Post editor dead at 93
>>NBC News freelance photog declared Ebola-free
>>Dr. Nancy Snyderman quarantine ends today
>>CNN remains off 14 million Dish Network TVs
>>Ferguson protesters shout down CNN live-shot
>>Staff cuts hit hard at CNN International
>>Sinclair says reports of DC newsroom unrest are overblown
>>Attorney sues Fox Chicago for defamation
>>Tribune buying Sun-Times suburban papers
>>ABC changes graphics at "The View"...again
>>Barbara Walters is coming out of retirement
>>World Series may be thrown out at home
>>Kansas City station apologizes for horrible tweet
>>Miami reporter lands in Detroit in time for winter
>>Cincinnati station hires a new morning anchor
>>Blondiful anchor returns from hospice
>>Two longtime Memphis reporters quit
>>Sinclair expected to evict Barney and Sandy
>>Mrs. B is feeling euphemistic

Tuesday, October 21
>>Will Dr. Nancy Snyderman survive quarantine?
>>NBC "Today" host tears abdominal muscle screaming
>>Dish Network boots CNN in carriage dispute
>>CNN drops "New Day" executive producer
>>Longtime ABC News spokesman quits for PR
>>Scott Pelley takes pride in third-place newscast
>>Chicago meteorologist expected to cross the street
>>Indianapolis meteorologist hired in Boston
>>New Orleans station hires actor as morning anchor
>>NABJ president burns bridges at CNN
>>Seattle station's Peyton Manning graphics gaffe
>>Sports Illustrated reporter arrested in Chicago
>>Was American reporter murdered by CIA?
>>Texas meteorologist sues, jumps to competition
>>Dallas reporter celebrates 40th anniversary
>>Legendary Chattanooga announcer dead at 92
>>Mrs. B has a preposition proposition

Monday, October 20
>>Battle for Seattle Fox affiliation ends in compromise
>>Seattle's competing husband and wife news directors
>>CNN threatens to yank support from Black Journalists
>>Courage in Journalism award for intoxicated correspondent
>>Tim Russert's desk moves from Newseum to Buffalo
>>Elisabeth Hasselbeck recovering from mystery surgery
>>Matt Lauer divorce documents unsealed
>>Drunken pumpkin riot triggers cable confrontation
>>Fargo sports guy arrested for breaking guy's nose
>>Letterman cue-card guy fired for punching writer
>>Boston morning anchor quits for family time
>>Ripple gnaws through meteorologist's leash
>>Mrs. B has some nasty politics


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