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"This [is] not likely to go away anytime soon."
Renee Chenault-Fattah

>>MSNBC blows up its afternoon lineup of talkers
>>Renee Chenault-Fattah explains the Porsche sale
>>Judge dismisses contempt charges against reporters
>>NBCUniversal to buy chunks of BuzzFeed and Vox
>>Former San Antonio anchor arrested for DUI
>>Andy Rooney's grandson victim of slashing
>>CNN's time-and-temperature sign comes down
>>Maria Menounos officially named anchor of E! News
>>Chicago O&O hires Albuquerque reporter
>>Atlanta consumer reporter out after two years
>>Shuffling meteorologists in Houston
>>Providence reporter quits for "more stable career"
>>Nexstar installs new general manager in Roanoke
>>Millennials watch television but not on TV
>>Miss Kentucky USA debuts today as reporter
>>Man behind IndyCar media gag rule resigns
>>Female announcer to call Oakland Raiders games
>>Mrs. B celebrates SO-shull Security



Thursday, July 30
>>Philly anchor takes leave after racketeering indictment
>>Josh Elliott's return to ABC called "completely false"
>>BriWi's new set resembles "war crimes trial" booth
>>New NBC News boss has marginalized Deborah Turness
>>NBC continues to report heavily on The Donald
>>Jane Pauley anchors the "CBS Evening News"
>>MundoFox closes its news department, fires 35
>>Veteran Atlanta anchor may cross the street
>>Portland anchor is headed to San Fran O&O
>>Raleigh morning anchor returns to Indianapolis
>>Raycom sells WorldNow for $45 million
>>Jon Stewart says Obama called him an asshole
>>Trevor Noah is "not in the news business"
>>Rolling Stone managing editor resigns
>>Former "Top Gear" crew hired by Amazon
>>15% of Americans don't use the internet
>>Mrs. B knows who's who

Wednesday, July 29
>>Atlanta investigative reporter defends Emmy hoarding
>>Blondiful Orlando anchor returns in a week
>>Charlotte Broadcast Hall of Fame entirely white
>>Hispanic Journalists to honor José Díaz-Balart
>>Jon Stewart met privately with President Obama
>>NBC and ABC both claim nightly news victories
>>Longtime Charlotte meteorologist to sell real estate
>>Longest-running Spokane news anchor calls it quits
>>Legendary New Orleans morning anchor dead at 66
>>Jake Tapper's awkward and embarrassing condolences
>>Mexican soccer coach fired for punching reporter
>>Another St. Louis reporter headed to Atlanta
>>Former cheerleader to anchor weekend news
>>DC reporter promised police "positive" coverage
>>Mrs. B explains "whose" who

Tuesday, July 28
>>Weather Channel CEO not worried by 74% drop in value
>>Disney plans to sell ESPN directly to consumers
>>Candidates expect to spend $4.4 billion on TV ads
>>Gawker offers severance packages to unhappy employees
>>Man faces life in prison for conspiring to rob ex-CNN anchor
>>Bakersfield anchor arrested for domestic disturbance
>>Sherri Shepherd will return to "The View"
>>Veteran St. Louis anchor to retire after 37 years
>>Is veteran DC anchor headed for the door?
>>Cincinnati news director quits after two years
>>Media General promotes assistant ND in Norfolk
>>Another twist in the tale of the anchorless anchor
>>Racist reporter leaves Mississippi for Buffalo
>>Emmy hoarder closing in on Larry Mendte's record
>>Mrs. B is unseasonably cool today

Monday, July 27
>>Fourteen years after cancelation, news returns to station
>>NBC News second-in-command out the door
>>Weather Channel audience shrinks, value plummets
>>ESPN Radio fires host for insulting Dominicans
>>Oregon general manager won't comment on firing
>>Donald Trump loves The Drudge Report
>>AT&T completes $48.5 billion acquisition of DirecTV
>>Nigerian media mogul investigated for money laundering
>>School teacher sues Orlando station for defamation
>>Everyone gets an Emmy in Los Angeles
>>New York freelance reporter goes for grand slam
>>Dallas station hires St. Louis reporter
>>Chicago anchor marries "Bachelorette" contestant
>>Cops arrest Canadian meteorologist for bad weather
>>Podcasts cross the line between news and advertising
>>Mrs. B has an alleged grammar lesson

Friday, July 24
>>Limo company says Bob Simon caused his own death
>>MSNBC confirms daily political show with Chuck Todd
>>NBC News holds town hall meeting to discuss changes
>>Executives are considering renaming MSNBC
>>Zucker says CNN was embarrassed by dildo flag
>>Two more additions expected at "The View"
>>Cleveland reporter undergoes brain surgery
>>Charlotte petri dish governs itself accordingly
>>El Lay morning weather personality courts fanboys
>>ESPN reups another veteran NFL host
>>Former Weather Channel reporter to anchor news
>>Nashville traffic reporter heads to DC
>>Dallas morning reporter dropped after two years
>>Oregon anchor fired for marijuana use
>>Mrs. B's anniversary isn't her first

Thursday, July 23
>>MSNBC cancels daytime shows, makes way for BriWi
>>Former ESPN multi-media star lands at HBO
>>Cable networks tighten sports talent budgets
>>Graham Media reaches deal with Dish Network
>>Hulk Hogan attorneys smile at Gawker meltdown
>>Taylor Swift makes nice with press photographers
>>Another Oakland TV news van burglarized
>>Campbell Brown's unannounced return to CNN
>>Blaze TV says it's "100% Trump Free"
>>Rupert doesn't particularly like The Donald
>>Hundreds and hundreds of News Emmy nominations
>>CBS News sends Lance Armstrong to the moon
>>Nashville station hires Flint-Saginaw anchor
>>Arkansas anchor jumps 91 markets to Houston
>>San Antonio news director gets a tongue bath
>>Baton Rouge news director calls it quits
>>Cops arrest WFAA computer guy for indecency
>>IndyCar race series issues driver gag order
>>Mrs. B looks under the grammar hood

Wednesday, July 22
>>Fox abandons the petri dish for news innovation
>>Orlando news director out after seven years
>>Deadline approaches for Graham Media and Dish
>>Obama says news media distracted by shiny objects
>>Trump sucks media air from Republican candidates
>>Gawker briefly goes dark amid management unrest
>>ESPN promises to overcome talent drain
>>Veteran ESPN studio host signs extension
>>Denver station shelves marijuana commercials
>>Tegna agrees to sell its Virginia headquarters
>>FCC will approve merger of AT&T with DirecTV
>>Downtown Atlanta unveils Ted Turner Drive
>>Phoenix reporter debuts today in Dallas
>>Corpus Christi anchor jumps 119 markets
>>Longtime Mississippi anchor calls it quits
>>Ginger Zee's emotional baby bump reveal
>>Mrs. B favors precise writing over surplusage

Tuesday, July 21
>>Gawker's two top editors resign in internal meltdown
>>News media's love/hate affair with The Donald
>>Trump's popularity surges amid media hand wringing
>>Dan Rather wishes Robert Redford weren't so handsome
>>Dish Network and Graham Media in fee showdown
>>Seattle news director leaving to teach college
>>Roanoke general manager quits after seven months
>>Tegna CEO buys a $3.65 million condo with a view
>>Fox Sports replaces Donovan McNabb in NFL lineup
>>Longtime Dallas reporter to retire Friday
>>Buffalo reporter heads to Denver morning show
>>Las Vegas reporter promoted to weekend anchor
>>California meteorologist jumps 97 markets
>>FCC rules put chill on mergers and acquisitions
>>Mrs. B is feeling loose 

Monday, July 20
>>Photography drones interfering with wildfire efforts
>>Fire-fighting pilot compares drones to storm chasers
>>NBC debuts first openly gay primetime network anchor
>>Scripps scrubs first-ever marijuana-related commercial
>>Obama to make 7th appearance on "The Daily Show"
>>Bored man breaks newsroom windows in Rochester
>>PBS plans a complete overhaul of "Newshour"
>>De Caro gives autographed American flags to rescuers
>>Rob Morrison's former squeeze is fired by Democrats
>>Kansas City morning anchor returns to Las Vegas
>>Milwaukee anchor quits TV news to join ministry
>>Columbus station hires a morning anchor from KC
>>Longtime voice of the NFL's Buffalo Bills dead at 87
>>Lots of small-market news director changes
>>Young Texas anchor hired in Providence
>>Digging potatoes with this week's Looker
>>Mrs. B hates stilted and pretentious writing 



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