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"This business owes me a lot of sleep."
Morning anchor Brad Goode



>>Fox News warns against trusting unscientific polls
>>At least two Fox hosts quote "nonsense" polling
>>Sean Hannity blasts "overpaid friends in the media"
>>Phoenix newspaper threatened after endorsing Clinton
>>Andrea Tantaros rejects "seven figures" Fox settlement
>>Lifetime abruptly cancels Pitt-Jolie divorce special
>>Former Texas reporter sentenced to prison
>>Marijuana trial set for former Anchorage reporter
>>Anderson Cooper gets yet another "Live!" tryout
>>Tribune sells landmark buildings for $475 million
>>Longtime Seattle morning anchor quits TV
>>San Antonio investigative reporter jumps ship
>>Emmy® nominated weather anchor's 156-market leap
>>Veteran Elmira anchor ends 35-year TV career
>>Lenslinger finds clarity in tear gas and violence
>>Mrs. B rounds up some grammar suspects



Wednesday, September 28
>>Biggest audience in history for presidential debate
>>NBC pulls highest ratings, Fox News tops on cable
>>Jeff Zucker ordered CNN to make Lester Holt invisible
>>MSNBC caught purloining CNN graphics
>>NBC News boss is high again on Brian Williams
>>Megyn Kelly's beautiful friendship with Don Lemon
>>Cox Media names news director in Pittsburgh
>>Raycom names general manager in Cleveland
>>Chicago anchor signs off 43-year career
>>Launch date set for "Backseat Rider" podcast
>>Veteran Indianapolis political reporter to retire
>>Las Vegas station hires OK City reporter
>>Asheville weather guy heads home to Providence
>>Chief meteorologist makes 122-market leap
>>Who's the best local news anchor in Boise?
>>Jumbotron bonehead drops the engagement ring
>>Mrs. B has a "continual" grammar lesson

Tuesday, September 27
>>Lester Holt lies low in split-decision debate
>>Gray warns investors of soft political ad sales
>>Cox Media names a blonde female president
>>Father of "clock boy" sues Fox News, Glenn Beck
>>Martin Bashir rejoins BBC as religion correspondent
>>Fox Chicago hires longtime WLS health reporter
>>Detroit station announces new primary anchor
>>New York freelancer joins Philly weekend weather
>>Legendary Cleveland meteorologist hospitalized
>>Sacramento morning anchor heads to Atlanta
>>Indianapolis morning anchor quits to start family
>>Former San Diego anchor debuts in Louisville
>>Veteran Houston photog hid behind pillar
>>Critic: There is no vast media conspiracy
>>NewsBlues's 4,000th daily newsletter
>>Mrs. B surveys the grammar damage

Monday, September 26
>>Lester Holt prepares for thankless task
>>Biggest TV audience ever for a presidential debate
>>Pauley replaces Osgood on "CBS Sunday Morning"
>>Ashleigh Banfield signs off from CNN, heads to HLN
>>Joe Scarborough's son seriously injured in fall
>>Fox News renames Ailes Junior Reporters Program
>>Gabriel Sherman's dogged pursuit of Roger Ailes
>>Rupert collects $34.6 million in compensation
>>Ex-Philly sports anchor released from prison
>>CBS Denver marketing director arrested
>>Sinclair hires an investigative reporter
>>Former Harrisburg sports anchor dead at 69
>>Interview with former Fox News meteorologist
>>Jump in the presidential debate way-back machine
>>Mrs. B has an incredible grammar lesson

Friday, September 23
>>The story behind the Roger Ailes investigation
>>Paranoid Fox News boss had become "batshit crazy"
>>Murdoch brothers feared street fight with Ailes
>>Megyn Kelly testimony sealed her boss's fate
>>Former Fox COO named chairman of Formula 1
>>Tone of Trump reporting is overwhelmingly negative
>>Hillary Clinton deadpans "Between Two Ferns"
>>Obama-Bourdain interview airs Sunday on CNN
>>Queen of Detroit news announces retirement
>>Wife of El Lay chief met arrested for assault
>>Chinese reporter suspended for wearing sunglasses
>>Pope says gossip-based reporting is "terrorism"
>>Brangelina bumps Strahan from cover of "People"
>>Heads up. Here come the news drones
>>Mrs. B dives deep into politics

Thursday, September 22
>>Charlotte TV balances competing narratives
>>Anchor shuffle at last-place Orlando station
>>Tampa chief met escorted from the building
>>Time Warner Cable News rebrands as Spectrum 
>>Massive TV audience expected for Monday debate
>>NBC's Lester Holt is a Republican, NOT a Democrat
>>Fox News surprised by Sean Hannity testimonial
>>CNN denies it suspended former Trump manager
>>Lewandowski has continued to work for Trump
>>Timing is not right for a Trump cable channel
>>Fox News ratings are stronger than ever
>>Gretchen Carlson's secret recordings were legal
>>CBS's "60 Minutes" will begin 49th season Sunday
>>Brother of JonBenet Ramsey threatens to sue CBS
>>Houston general manager to step down
>>Tucson station hires Massachusetts reporter
>>Springfield sports reporter headed to Tulsa
>>Chopper Tom will return to work Monday
>>Mrs. B celebrates the autumnal equinox

Wednesday, September 21
>>Charlotte TV crews feast on overnight highway riot
>>Cops remove Las Vegas traffic reporter from flight
>>Tampa "Daytime" host survives emergency landing
>>ABC and NBC both claim to be #1 in the morning
>>Fox News critic says media has turned "anti-Trump"
>>Sean Hannity appears in Trump promotional video
>>Zucker defends hiring of ex-Trump campaign manager
>>Megyn Kelly to produce six-part political comedy
>>Former Cincinnati news director hired in Dayton
>>Hearst files motion to dismiss Wendy Bell lawsuit
>>Macon reporter makes 95-market leap to Baltimore
>>Albany sports director quits to join ESPN
>>Former Philly investigative reporter to train cops
>>Little Rock station hires Kansas beauty queen
>>Former Boston news intern dies in car crash
>>Ex-Chicago reporter's backseat podcast on hold
>>Roanoke station loses web domain dispute
>>Boston station unveils gaudy, cluttered set
>>Mrs. B has a tortuous grammar lesson

Tuesday, September 20
>>New Denver morning anchor can thank the fishbowl
>>Former Nashville sports anchor now doing Realtor videos
>>Veteran Los Angeles reporter sues Fox for discrimination
>>Former ND had "ongoing sexual affair" with legal analyst
>>Portland news director shuffles off to Buffalo
>>Fox Chicago gets fourth morning EP in three years
>>Legendary CNN correspondent dies in Thailand
>>Mississippi reporter, 22, died of natural causes
>>Scarborough and Brzezinski met privately with Trump
>>Trump says debate system rigged against him
>>What will become of Brian Williams after the election?
>>Veteran Houston reporter quits after 26 years
>>St. Louis morning anchor headed to Baltimore
>>Prime-time Emmy ratings continue to slip on ABC
>>Randall Pinkston plays Randall Pinkston in "Sully"
>>70 reporters and a news chopper cover Tim Tebow
>>Charlotte petri dish gets a fancy new studio set
>>Critic hates afternoon "visual manure" in San Fran
>>Mrs. B takes a swing at past participles

Monday, September 19
>>Roger Ailes planted "key man clause" in Fox contracts
>>Only Greta Van Susteren took Ailes exit option
>>Joe Scarborough writing Trump Broadway musical
>>Vice News reporter arrested at Trump Houston rally
>>TV networks decline to cover Trump hotel presser
>>Tampa general manager exits for "second act"
>>Wiser clashed with Tegna Digital executive
>>Fox finally hires news director in Los Angeles
>>Longtime Detroit news anchor dies at 88
>>DirecTV settles standoff with Heartland
>>San Fran station hires bilingual Austin reporter
>>Minneapolis reporter quits to join school district
>>Kansas City meteorologist headed to Cleveland
>>Arkansas reporter jumps 54 markets to Alabama
>>Mississippi station announces death of reporter
>>HBO's John Oliver wins two Emmys for Last Week
>>Mrs. B separates its from it's



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