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"I feel like a lucky guy. Really lucky."
Fox News anchor Gregg Jarrett

>>Roger Ailes rescues Gregg Jarrett from alcoholism
>>Andrew Lack puts his New York mansion up for sale
>>MSNBC and Brian Williams are Lack's main priorities
>>Vice Media to produce a nightly newscast for HBO
>>Wilmington reporter causes dismissal of jury pool
>>Denver station fills seven-month news director vacancy
>>Veteran DC sports anchor to leave after sweeps
>>Upstart New Hampshire network hires chief met
>>Former Minneapolis reporter takes a 124-market drop
>>Houston station hires Wilkes Barre anchor
>>Palm Beach reporter joins NBC in Hartford
>>Former news director promoted in Salt Lake
>>South Carolina station hires general manager
>>Longtime Mobile meteorologist dead at 74
>>Barbara Walters and Joy Behar return to "The View"
>>The rise and fall and rise of Ellen DeGeneres
>>Russian network wants to hire Jeremy Clarkson
>>Mrs. B has an "infamous" grammar lesson



Thursday, March 26
>>Much-traveled meteorologist comes out of the closet
>>Says Waterman bosses "illegally" fired him in Virginia
>>BBC sacks "Top Gear" host; is he headed to Netflix?
>>Former Philly sportscaster sentenced to prison
>>St. Louis station drops staffer over Ferguson protest
>>Photog wants her day in court after Ferguson arrest
>>Louisville man arrested after menacing TV stations
>>Former Jacksonville anchor lands a new gig
>>Longest-serving Milwaukee anchor calls it quits
>>Legendary Los Angeles weatherman dead at 92
>>The new White House briefing room seating chart
>>Why doesn't ABC rerun "World News" overnight?
>>Staff celebrates departure of North Carolina ND
>>TV networks brace for a bleak upfront season
>>Houston station debuts a new meteorologist
>>Severe weather season arrives in OK City
>>Tips for surviving Tornado Alert interruptions
>>Mrs. B has a "vial" grammar lesson

Wednesday, March 25
>>Did Madam Secretary lead to Lara Logan's hospitalization?
>>CBS updates graphics package on "Evening News"
>>NBC and ABC in "Nightly News" ratings spin battle
>>MSNBC's Chris Hayes circling the ratings drain
>>BBC to sack embattled host of popular "Top Gear"
>>Ex-Lubbock meteorologist plagued by nude selfies
>>Portland reporter pleads guilty to food shoplifting
>>CNN International returns to Russian TV
>>CNN has BREAKING NEWS from "crash shit"
>>Sports Emmys have 190 nominees in 40 categories
>>Hartford man arrested for confronting ex-ESPN anchor
>>Veteran Providence anchor demoted to weekends
>>Top Charlotte station hires reporter from Waco
>>KickStarter campaign for former Charlotte reporter
>>Last-place Milwaukee news director sudden out
>>North Carolina news director calls it quits
>>Former NewsBlues Looker promoted in DC
>>Cincinnati reporter lands in Los Angeles
>>Bill O'Reilly says ratings prove his innocence
>>Mrs. B rants about pronouns

Tuesday, March 24
>>FCC slaps Roanoke station with $325K fine for penis
>>CBS's Lara Logan is back in the hospital
>>National Football League suspends "blackout rules"
>>CBS News president extended through 2019
>>NatGeo punishes CNN reporter for O'Reilly coverage
>>Fox News debates whether Fox News is conservative
>>The flirting and feuding behind Lara Spencer divorce
>>Veteran Miami anchor crosses the street after 22 years
>>Former Houston sports anchor heads to Minneapolis
>>Booted Johnstown sports anchor returns under Sinclair
>>Minneapolis station hires Cincinnati reporter
>>Lubbock meteorologist leaps 85 markets to Virginia
>>Ex-Rutgers cheerleader to guess Springfield weather
>>Weather Channel adds more marketing executives
>>Louisville anchor released from the hospital
>>A $25,000 University of Kentucky wager
>>Tearful appeal for misfortunate broadcasters
>>Mrs. B examines her mementos

Monday, March 23
>>Catastrophic brain aneurysm claims veteran reporter
>>Louisville anchor undergoes surgery for tumor
>>Brian Williams makes his first public appearance
>>St. Louis anchor interviews with Atlanta station
>>"Good Morning America" host files for divorce
>>Cops raid home of former Alaska reporter
>>Is Kathy Griffin headed to "The View"?
>>Canada orders la carte cable TV options
>>Matt Drudge buys home in Arizona desert
>>Golf Channel uses drone to cover tournament
>>Cleveland station rescues dog from Lake Erie
>>Weather Channel fan snaps selfie with reporter
>>Little Rock reporter promoted to weekend anchor
>>Ft. Wayne weather guesser to Kansas City
>>Grand Rapids station promotes news director
>>Spokane station gets a new ND from Portland
>>El Paso news director out the door
>>Former Cleveland traffic reporter heads to DC
>>Breathless all-about-me Bee TV
>>What to do if you get stung
>>Mrs. B is struck by "lightening"

Friday, March 20
>>Black-centric news network suspends operations in New York
>>Funds frozen in Nigeria, can't make payroll on second anniversary
>>Detroit City Council member declares reporter off limits
>>Apologetic morning host booted after 18 months
>>Atlanta reporter quietly retires after 32 years
>>There's union trouble brewing against Gannett
>>Shakeup ahead at MSNBC; will Phil Griffin survive?
>>Larry King: The broadcast legend who can't retire
>>Body of missing Wall Street Journal reporter found
>>NPR hires a new boss from The Associated Press
>>Jeremy Clarkson launches tirade against BBC bosses
>>Has POTUS bought Magnum P.I.'s "Robin's Nest"?
>>CNN International hires blondiful weekend anchor
>>South Carolina reporter makes 50-market leap
>>Dallas sports anchor continues to question authority
>>Tampa Bay's dizzying "news you can use"
>>Mrs. B welcomes the arrival of spring

Thursday, March 19
>>NBC has been quietly padding "Nightly News" numbers
>>Gannett stations complicit in Nielsen loophole
>>ABC News lays off 12 in DC to "strengthen reporting"
>>USA Today offers buyouts to 90 older employees
>>Glenn Beck quits the Republican party
>>Ratings continue to slide for MSNBC's Chris Hayes
>>A million "Top Gear" fans sign online petition
>>BBC co-hosts stand united with Jeremy Clarkson
>>Miami medical correspondent gets the boot
>>Baltimore meteorologist leaving for "a new adventure"
>>Memphis weekend anchor lands in Shreveport
>>Veteran photographer-turned-reporter quits
>>Battling bonehead punches Jacksonville photog
>>South Dakota anchor-scold calls it quits
>>What's that diamond ring on Erin Andrew's finger?
>>Mrs. B's eminent grammar lesson is imminent

Wednesday, March 18
>>Teutonic Time-Shift Theory blamed for NBC ratings drop
>>Drone comes dangerously close to Seattle news choppers
>>Stolen car suspect crashes into El Lay news van
>>What's better than a news chopper? Two news choppers
>>BREAKING NEWS: Millennials prefer social media
>>Despite layoffs, Gannett executives earned $24 million
>>Apple to offer low-cost streaming TV bundle
>>Former Raleigh anchor joins marketing company
>>Houston reporter headed for parts unknown
>>Crappy little Missouri station gets a news director
>>Elmira station hires a female general manager
>>Green Bay sports anchor heads to New Orleans
>>El Paso anchor excited about NAACP tournament
>>Blogger quits over Fox News story dispute
>>Brian Stelter's shrinking CNN Sunday ratings
>>E! has put "Fashion Police" on hiatus
>>Bill O'Reilly was a "real sour puss" at SNL
>>Mrs. B is diagramming sentence structure

Tuesday, March 17
>>Three months after TV station shooting, no arrests
>>Washington Post admits to hysterical overreaction
>>Dr. Nancy Snyderman was victim of flawed NBC handling
>>NBC News praised for suspending Brian Williams
>>Williams's return to "Nightly News" would be "insane"
>>Lester and Stefan Holt share "Nightly News" promo
>>Lara Logan returns to work at CBS News
>>Univision weather anchor crosses the street
>>Chicago O&O gets a new morning traffic reporter
>>Veteran Dallas medical reporter signs off
>>Sacramento station promotes a primary anchor
>>Virginia news director abruptly out the door
>>Comedian regrets joining "Fashion Police"
>>BBC loses four million Sunday viewers
>>Internal investigation begins into BBC "fracas"
>>Radio broadcasters ask FCC to loosen disclosure rules
>>HBO filmmaker waited two years to notify police
>>Mrs. B wishes you a Happy St. Patrick's Day

Monday, March 16
>>Photog accused of "racial insensitivity" for whistling Dixie
>>Atlanta anchor quits rather than accept pay cut
>>Elusive murder suspect confesses on HBO hot mic
>>Scripps and Journal set official merger date
>>Scripps to pay $615 million for Polish network
>>Tivo buys Aereo's trademark and customer list
>>Ex-WeatherNation owner now works for newspaper
>>Savannah station gets a news director
>>NBC Montana advertising for a news director
>>Massachusetts reporter hired by Charlotte cable
>>Longtime Savannah anchor to retire
>>Former Paducah anchor paralyzed by stroke
>>Mayor of Paris drops Fox News lawsuit
>>Chris Wallace likes his office across from makeup
>>Remembering the 16mm "hot" film splicer
>>17 years as TV's most dysfunctional family
>>Why Barbara Walters sold "The View" to ABC
>>Mrs. B is jiving you


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