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>>Roger Ailes is no longer advising Donald Trump
>>Ailes attorney says Ailes was never an official advisor
>>TV mini-series planned on Ailes's Fox News departure
>>Chris Wallace gets rave reviews for final debate
>>Trump claims Emmy® awards voting was rigged
>>Former Arkansas reporter makes 36-year-old claim
>>Philly morning anchor out after just seven months
>>Rockford morning anchor jumps 126 markets
>>Chicago NBC news director headed to Miami
>>Layoffs expected at Nexstar and Media General
>>Former CNN space reporter opens pizza joint
>>Longtime Des Moines meteorologist promoted
>>Kansas City reporter moves to morning news anchor
>>Dispatch Broadcast Group names TV president
>>Sinclair western regional news director fired
>>Hundreds of Chicago Emmy® nominees announced
>>Richmond anchor wants you to check your panties
>>Mrs. B offers counsel on council



Wednesday, October 19
>>Chris Wallace sets the stage for "new" Fox News
>>Internal strain between reporters and opinionators
>>Fox attorneys urge judge to silence Tantaros
>>Matt Lauer and colleagues wish Billy Bush well
>>Crisis consultants urge Bush to avoid cameras
>>NBC News's history of paying talent not to work
>>Trump cable network could cost $200 million
>>Michael Moore unveils surprise Trump documentary
>>Former CNN and Al Jazeera anchor joins MSNBC
>>Ashleigh Banfield's "uninspired" HLN set and graphics
>>Lowest "Sunday Night Football" ratings in five years 
>>Denver weekend sports anchor out the door
>>Arkansas sports anchor fired for appearing drunk
>>Maryland morning meteorologist arrested for DUI
>>Bonehead arrested for confronting Charlotte reporter
>>Orlando station promises to stiffen impotent law 
>>Mrs. B grammar lesson is composed of comprises

Tuesday, October 18
>>Billy Bush is officially out at NBC's "Today"
>>Trump's wife blames Bush for egging-on her husband
>>Trump's son-in-law seeks financing for Trump TV network
>>Trump TV would be attack platform for shadow presidency
>>Mainstream media has lost touch with middle America
>>Liberal bias exists because media is based in big cities
>>96% of the political contributions by journalists went to Clinton
>>Chris Wallace preps for final debate in Las Vegas
>>Shep Smith says he loves Roger Ailes like a father
>>Fox News employees were wounded and horrified
>>The rise and fall and rise again of Ashleigh Banfield
>>Great Britain freezes bank accounts of Russian TV
>>St. Louis anchor returns from medical crisis
>>Houston anchor hospitalized from snake bite
>>NewsBlues races for national championship
>>Mrs. B wants to quash the squash

Monday, October 17
>>Will NBC pay off Billy Bush's contract in full?
>>NBC executive leaked Trump tape to Washington Post
>>Jeff Zucker recognized Trump as "publicity magnet"
>>Megyn Kelly's questioning prophesied Trump's problems
>>TelePrompTers fail at Trump rally in Charlotte
>>Reporters fear crowd aggression at Trump events
>>New blondiful co-host for "Fox & Friends Weekend"
>>Fox prepares to debut new street-front studio
>>Electrical fire knocks CBS's Black Rock off the grid
>>NFL television ratings are down 15% this year
>>Nexstar tries to decide what to do with KRON
>>Former Philly anchor returns to his old station
>>Boston anchor resigns, may cross the street
>>Dallas reporter quits to emigrate to Israel
>>Media General shuffles anchors in Grand Rapids
>>Rockford morning anchor resigns for new opportunity
>>Another ESPN talking head jumps to Fox Sports
>>North Carolina news director to Roanoke
>>More than 180 Emmys® handed out in Ft. Worth
>>NABJ struggles back from edge of financial ruin
>>Mrs. B has more sound-alike words

Friday, October 14
>>Billy Bush hires Erin Andrews's Los Angeles attorney
>>NBC motivated to make Bush crisis disappear
>>Pauley recalls NBC exec's inappropriate advance
>>Trump preaches media hatred on the stump
>>Lou Dobbs apologizes for inappropriate tweet
>>Nancy Grace bids farewell to HLN
>>CNN seems to be "future-proofing" itself
>>"Backseat Rider" podcast is up and running
>>WNBC weekend anchor returns to midday
>>Texas cops investigate suspicious reporter
>>Virginia bonehead shoots gun at news cruiser
>>Facebook continues to trend fake news stories
>>How would viral media react to a live suicide?
>>Oklahoma meteorologist kisses a pig on the lips
>>El Lay station moves into sprawling new studio
>>How to end political dog and pony shows
>>Mrs. B wants your verbs to agree

Thursday, October 13
>>Al Roker undergoes knee-replacement surgery
>>Billy Bush weighing his options in California
>>Anderson Cooper happy to have survived debate
>>Nancy Grace walks out of Sirius XM interview
>>Baltimore mayor "outrageously anti-democratic"
>>Limbaugh says sexual assault is a bogus concept
>>Rape trial of former Fox News correspondent set
>>Fox News ratings have never been better
>>Moonves the key to reuniting Viacom and CBS
>>Hurricane Matthew bumps the Weather Channel 
>>CNN updates its main daytime New York studio
>>Meteoric rise of Natalie Pasquarella continues
>>Married Dallas reporters returning to Phoenix
>>Former Hartford reporter joins ABC NewsOne
>>St. Louis reporter to retire after 46 years
>>Ft. Myers morning anchor heads to New Orleans
>>Emmy's artificial culture of accolade
>>Oklahoma cop shop propaganda questioned
>>Mrs. B reports from the penitentiary

Wednesday, October 12
>>Billy Bush is negotiating his exit from NBC
>>Donald Trump says the news media is very unfair
>>Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity haven't spoken in years
>>Murdochs rolling out the red carpet for Megyn Kelly
>>Keys to success: "Work harder. Do better. Stop whining."
>>$13 million defamation lawsuit dropped against NewsBlues
>>Top-rated New York station hires a sports anchor
>>Lindsay Czarniak to be replaced on SportsCenter
>>Morning traffic reporter hired at New York station
>>Orlando meteorologist returning to California
>>Broadcast Museum names interim chairman
>>Comcast to pay $2.3 million fine for illegal billing
>>Is NBC's "Nightly News" too New York-centric?
>>DC station launches promotion disguised as news
>>Mrs. B on there, they're, and their

Tuesday, October 11
>>Matt Lauer takes the day off, NBC tiptoes around Bush
>>NBC executive producer has history of objectification
>>Audience for second debate down 20% from first
>>Were candidates trying to create viral moment?
>>Trump's canny ability to exploit media coverage
>>Bill O'Reilly uncovers vast "media conspiracy"
>>HLN's Nancy Grace will NOT be joining Fox News
>>Female voice replaces anchor on HBO's "Vice News"
>>Augusta meteorologist arrested for dick pic
>>Former Seattle meteorologist hired in Vegas
>>Indianapolis reporter promoted to morning anchor
>>Denver weekend sports anchor heads to Boston
>>Vermont morning anchor jumps 62 markets
>>Media General moves Louisiana GM to SC
>>NBC "Nightly News" gets a new open
>>CNN redesigns its Apple TV channel
>>ABC wins Murrow for "Overall Excellence"
>>Edward R. Murrow as dinosaur Muppet
>>Mrs. B on when to use lie and lay

Monday, October 10
>>NBC suspends Billy Bush from "Today" show
>>NBC News dithered four days vetting Trump tape
>>Trump tried to fire Nancy O'Dell for being pregnant
>>Worse Trump tapes exist, says "Apprentice" producer
>>CNN uncovers damning Howard Stern interviews
>>Former Seattle anchor defends Trump comments
>>Trump campaign cancels $1.6 million in ad buys
>>Town Hall moderators were biased, says Trump
>>Bill O'Reilly says he was a victim of organized smear
>>Megyn Kelly and Sean Hannity are "friends" again
>>Orlando hurricane coverage did not shine
>>Fox Philadelphia morning anchor out the door
>>New Chicago weekend weather guesser debuts
>>Minneapolis meteorologist undergoing chemo
>>Austin morning weather guesser promoted 
>>Longtime Hartford reporter heads to Louisville
>>Veteran Honolulu reporter returns to Phoenix
>>Arkansas weekend anchor jumps 82 markets
>>Egbert Roscoes to be distributed tonight
>>Jane Pauley returns from television oblivion
>>Mrs. B has a preposition lesson



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