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"I have a right to be outraged!"
Vester L. Flanagan II

>>Inside the mind of a paranoid narcissistic murderer
>>Flanagan's apartment hinted at his deteriorating mental state
>>Reporter was raised by violent parents in a broken home
>>Former news director called Flanagan a "professional victim"
>>Memorial service held for slain Roanoke news crew
>>Las Vegas station to hire outside security firm
>>Minneapolis station finds large knife at front door
>>MSNBC will continue to pay Sharpton's seven-figure salary
>>San Fran's Stanley Roberts hospitalized after stroke
>>Former Kansas City anchor resurfaces in Iowa
>>Cleveland station plans prime-time newscast
>>Orlando station rebrands as "News 6 Getting Results"
>>Former Buffalo news director hired in Evansville
>>Grand Rapids station names a new morning anchor
>>New York reporter starts today in San Diego
>>Nashville anchor injured in Kansas City taxi crash
>>Nightmare halftime interview with an NFL jerk
>>Mrs. B on the difference between Hispanic and Latino



Friday, August 28
>>Misplaced concern for the safety of local news crews
>>Identifying the deranged narcissist in the workplace
>>A wink-wink management policy to pass along bad apples
>>Reporter's dad wants to keep guns away from crazy people
>>Fox News's stage-managed feud with The Donald
>>Shep Smith celebrates 20 years at Fox News
>>The demotion of Al Sharpton was long overdue
>>Veteran DC anchor to step down after 12 years
>>Morning meteorologist headed from DC to NYC
>>Former Phoenix reporter to anchor in Austin
>>Boston reporter moves to weekend anchor
>>Mississippi reporter leaps 138 markets to Buffalo
>>Gannett offers early retirement buyouts
>>ESPN's "Monday Night Football" gets a new logo
>>Veteran news managers join NewsBlues
>>Mrs. B says one is the loneliest number

Thursday, August 27
>>Murders were stoked by racial and homophobic grievances
>>Morning producer watched her fiancé die on live TV
>>Gunman had a history of suing for discrimination
>>Local stations cancel discretionary live shots
>>FCC steps in, Sinclair settles with Dish Network
>>MSNBC moves Al Sharpton to Sunday morning
>>Was Ramos practicing journalism or grandstanding?
>>Trump and Roger Ailes quietly kiss and make up
>>Last-place Chicago station hires new morning anchor
>>Charlotte's petri dish gets a new general manager
>>More than 100 ESPN employees joined Ashley Madison
>>Ozzy Man Reviews the shapely Mexican weathergirl
>>Mrs. B hears from her readers

Wednesday, August 26
>>Two killed at Roanoke live-shot 
>>Has Trump crossed the line with Fox News?
>>Univision reporter escorted out of Trump presser
>>153 Sinclair stations go dark on Dish Network
>>Joy Behar to return to ABC's "The View"
>>CNN correspondent's best-selling husband
>>Former "Daily Buzz" host hired in El Lay
>>San Antonio VJ headed to ABC O&O
>>NBC fills a sports anchor vacancy in DC
>>Retired Detroit meteorologist returns as host
>>Red Sox TV play-by-play guy not renewed
>>Texas reporter jumps 53 markets to El Paso
>>RTDNA says smartphones will replace ENG
>>Picking apart the scripts of "major" abusers
>>Former Minneapolis anchor escapes injury
>>Mrs. B is okay with informal English

Tuesday, August 25
>>Legendary Dallas investigative reporter calls it quits
>>Seattle news director to return to Texas
>>Ex-Cincinnati news director lands in Spartanburg
>>Former Texas news director sues for discrimination
>>Union engineer fired for photo-bombing live shot
>>Media stocks caught in stock market downdraft
>>Controversial ESPN reporter negotiating exit
>>Former NBC correspondent hired by CNN
>>Megyn Kelly returns from vacation, attacked
>>Connecticut station rebuilds its morning team
>>Orlando anchor debuts across the street
>>Newspaper attacks Cleveland rebranding
>>Jon Stewart's sad weekend of rasslin'
>>Mrs. B hopes you're feeling divisive

Monday, August 24
>>ESPN reporter accidentally fired, phones deactivated
>>Lester Holt quietly making the rounds of key NBC stations
>>Orlando Sentinel reader backlash to Sugalski stories
>>CBS Newspath hires Minneapolis morning anchor
>>Cox moves Charlotte primary anchor to Boston
>>Married San Diego reporters headed to Dallas
>>Los Angeles reporter returns to El Paso to anchor
>>TV station says tropical storm threatens everyone
>>ABC's "The View" hires another consultant
>>Weekend "Today" moves to a temporary studio
>>Fox Television Stations are changing web URLs
>>Cleveland station's unfortunate color choice
>>Dallas diva's going away party was a hit!
>>Little Rock sales rep fired for refusing sex
>>ND changes in Harrisburg, Columbus, Abilene
>>11 silly questions for this week's Looker
>>Pregnant model goes down on Los Angeles TV 
>>Mrs. B helps you with your pronunciation


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