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"Keep it right here on Morning Jew."
Mika Brzezinski

>>Scripps to take control of 13 Journal TV stations
>>Sinclair-Allbritton deal to close at midnight
>>AMC Networks in talks to acquire BBC America
>>Stephen Colbert acquires Sarah Palin website
>>How CBS got $16 million in New York tax breaks
>>Bonehead arrested for threatening Robin Roberts
>>The Couric girl finally signs off from syndication
>>Vieira says Curry was never the right fit on "Today"
>>Howard Stern crank caller is profiled
>>Jax duopoly names its primary anchor team
>>New primary anchor hired in Grand Rapids
>>Milwaukee anchor heads to Portland
>>Booted Honolulu anchor returns to competition
>>What one British announcer thinks of NASCAR
>>TV's tallest tower turned into scrap metal
>>MSNBC embraces cross-platform synergy
>>Leggy Allison to portray mischievous flying boy
>>Mrs. B is wondering about wandering



Wednesday, July 30
>>Live from Wasilla, The Sarah Palin Channel
>>Despite worldwide tension, CBS News leads with sports
>>NBC Sports hires announcer with Tourette syndrome
>>ESPN suspends veteran commentator 
>>CNN extends Erin Burnett's employment contract
>>Los Angeles station pranked by a live phoner
>>Cox continues restocking Jacksonville duopoly
>>Austin morning anchor leaving for family time
>>Changing weekend weather guessers in Texas
>>San Antonio station hires Mexican beauty queen
>>What will become of James Spann's weather empire?
>>Detroit chief meteorologist returns from eye injury
>>Former Shreveport anchor will debut Monday
>>Texas news director leaps 167 markets
>>Peoria meteorologist quits for law school
>>San Fran newscast is "contrived, forced and insipid"
>>Oklahoma City's third-generation Ogle dynasty
>>Mrs. B puts a cap on her eggcorns

Tuesday, July 29
>>Another Allbritton general manager gets the boot
>>Sinclair clearing the deck before deal is closed
>>Post-Newsweek stations group changes name
>>San Fran assistant news director crosses the street
>>CBS News leads nightly newscast with weather stories
>>NBC's "Meet the Press" beaten by Fox News
>>CNN's "The Hunt" uncovers child assault suspect
>>Jacksonville morning news anchor abruptly resigns
>>Tampa morning host fired, replaced immediately
>>New lifestyle show in Austin replaces noon news
>>Scripps bumps "Dr. Oz" with syndicated news show
>>Longtime Chicago news anchor quietly signs off
>>Former Texas chief meteorologist sues station
>>Waterloo reporter: "It's time to move on"
>>Alzheimer's joke falls flat in Denver
>>Mrs. B is grooving on her eggcorns

Monday, July 28
>>FCC accuses Sinclair of "serious breaches of trust"
>>Company had "intent to deceive" and misrepresented facts
>>Fox Sports yanks advertising from Boston radio station
>>Station suspends host for attacking Erin Andrews
>>Fox News anchor pleads guilty to disorderly conduct
>>Attorney sues Norfolk station for defamation
>>Buzzfeed fires political editor for serial plagiarism
>>Los Angeles media reporter returns to Wall Street Journal
>>Veteran Houston news director resigns for family reasons
>>Alabama news anchor promoted to news director
>>Morning anchor at Univision flagship out the door
>>Veteran Cincinnati anchor quits after 33 years
>>Lifetime morning host returns to Miami roots
>>Sports reporter promoted to morning news anchor
>>Former CNN meteorologist hired by Weather Channel
>>Green Bay satellite truck blows tire, rolls over
>>Kathie Lee's son interviews Regis Philbin
>>Hundreds of worthless trophies in Los Angeles
>>Mrs. B has more garbled phrases

Friday, July 25
>>FCC approves Sinclair's $1 billion purchase of Allbritton
>>Sinclair will sell two stations, dump licenses for three others
>>Gray Television buys two former ABC O&Os
>>DirecTV expected to dump stations in Salisbury
>>David Gregory is "toast" at NBC's "Meet the Press"
>>Scarborough denies he's "'aggressively angling" for job
>>Will NBC relocate Sunday political show to New York?
>>More layoffs at Al Jazeera America
>>Ratings dip as "The View" continues auditions
>>San Antonio stations spar over restaurant expose
>>NESN drops controversial sports talk show
>>Staffers celebrate news director's firing
>>Pizza and brownies in the Buffalo newsroom
>>Florida station hires a new primary anchor
>>Tallahassee morning meteorologist out the door
>>Where in Miami is Ashley Morrison headed?
>>ESPN host wins Range Rover with hole-in-one
>>HBO "Real Sports" is the new "60 Minutes"
>>Mrs. B knows it takes two to tango

Thursday, July 24
>>Jon Stewart wants to buy CNN, and he needs your help
>>Jane Fonda hopes Rupert Murdoch doesn't buy CNN
>>Michael Bloomberg spars with Wolf Blitzer on live TV
>>CBS "Late Show" lands a sweetheart deal in New York
>>David Gregory buys a $5.45 million home in DC
>>Meghan McCain is not joining "The View"
>>Cleveland met tweets, deletes topless selfie
>>Hartford station gives Miss USA a tryout
>>Erin Andrews gets pancaked in Boston
>>Houston station hires Alabama sports anchor
>>Larry Mendte lands a New York radio gig
>>Two news directors sentenced to jail time
>>Hartford anchor follows husband to El Lay
>>NBC "Nightly" debuts new El Lay correspondent
>>Buffalo news director fired after 10 years
>>Anchors salaries were down in 2013
>>Oklahoma City meteorologist out the door
>>Alcohol killed former Providence TV host 
>>Miami news chopper exists only in promos
>>Bring your man card to Indianapolis Motor Speedway
>>Commas can save lives at Associated Press
>>Mrs. B hopes you aren't in a jamb

Wednesday, July 23
>>British reporter apologizes for journalistic vulturism
>>Chris Cuomo's Ukraine moment of Zen
>>David Gregory out the door at "Meet the Press"
>>Rupert's planted leak is his modus operandi
>>Justice Department approves Sinclair-Allbritton
>>Belo sells The Providence Journal
>>New female management at Portland station
>>Wisconsin news director crosses the street
>>St. Louis reporter heads to Houston
>>Longtime Oakland sports anchor to retire
>>Cincinnati meteorologist glad to be gone
>>Miami reporter promoted to weekend anchor
>>San Antonio anchor jumps to the network
>>Pirates salute one-eyed Detroit meteorologist
>>Oklahoma morning show dumps rapper
>>Showing off the Super Bowl ring in Seattle
>>Mrs. B rolls up a bunch of eggcorns

Tuesday, July 22
>>Malaysia Airlines crash was American conspiracy, says network
>>Russia Today claims plane was already full of corpses
>>ABC denies Obama had "secret" Jimmy Kimmel mission
>>NBC News infighting and bureaucracy in Gaza coverage
>>TV reporter found murdered in Honduras
>>Truck backfire blamed for reporter's drive-by scare
>>Battling Morrisons list their home for sale
>>Replacing a news director legend in Seattle
>>Media General names general manager in Tampa
>>Nexstar GM is promoted 64 markets to Des Moines
>>Acting news director passed over in Boston
>>Cleveland bathroom vandal still at large
>>Longtime New Orleans reporter calls it quits
>>Round trip for blondiful Hartford reporter
>>Wyoming anchor jumps 108 markets
>>Heads will not roll for Albuquerque drag race
>>Seven Good Reasons NOT to Drag Race That News Car
>>Mrs. B suffers from eggcorns

Monday, July 21
>>Another Allbritton general manager out the door
>>Sinclair-Allbritton deadline now one week away
>>New Roanoke GM makes way for his own news director
>>Weekend "GMA" anchor moves to Yahoo News
>>TWC's "Weather Geeks" a muddled mess
>>Another "Russia Today" reporter resigns
>>Sky News reporter pokes through victim's belongings
>>CNN's "gratuitous and despicable" crash graphics
>>CBS's Les Moonves interested in acquiring CNN
>>Son of former CBS correspondent promoted at NBC
>>Orlando reporter's book to become Sandra Bullock movie
>>Drag racing the "Action News" van in Albuquerque
>>DC weekend morning anchor heads to Sacramento
>>Tucson reporter to anchor weekends in Phoenix
>>Cincinnati reporter lands hometown gig in Pittsburgh
>>Sinclair shuffles general managers in Florida and Texas
>>Remembering the good old bad old days in Cleveland
>>Mrs. B is replaced by Weird Al


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