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Wednesday, November 25
>>HLN boss out after failed millennial news experiment
>>Rebooting HLN as a CNN entertainment clone
>>Judge orders former reporter jailed in San Antonio
>>Reporter indicted for DUI and reckless conduct
>>Longtime Los Angeles consumer reporter exits today
>>Veteran Oakland investigative reporter hired in Boston
>>Boston-based mid-morning cable anchor out the door
>>Philadelphia O&O hires young Richmond anchor
>>Former Charlotte anchor makes cross-country move
>>Longtime Little Rock anchor quits the TV business
>>Tulsa morning anchor out the door Friday
>>Do you know David Muir's "biggest vice"?
>>News director defends pregnant meteorologist
>>What "the Dress" says about today's weather guessers
>>Cheap and flattering without revealing too much
>>Mrs. B has 9 things you didn't know about Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 24
>>Elisabeth Hasselbeck to quit "Fox & Friends"
>>Will her replacement be "programmed for idiocy?"
>>NBC gives equal time to five Republican candidates
>>Candidates' equal time will air on 18 NBC affiliates
>>News networks can't decide what to do with Trump
>>OK City morning news anchor headed to Huntsville
>>Bakersfield morning anchor calls it quits after 12 years
>>Cincinnati news director "promoted" to Jackson, MS
>>President of Raycom Sports announces retirement
>>Sinclair offers vacation time in exchange for salary cut
>>Veteran Chicago broadcaster to join DePaul University
>>Former news director getting paid to sit at home
>>Robin Meade to appear on CNN's Quiz Show
>>The Miss America Pageant stays with ABC
>>A bajillion cheap dresses on local news
>>Mrs. B is feeling tortured

Monday, November 23
>>College protesters demand positive media coverage
>>CNN ignores legal threats, airs controversial documentary
>>The dress that's sweeping American newsrooms
>>Fox Chicago hires meteorologist from across the street
>>Massachusetts morning anchor leaps 86 markets
>>Raleigh sports anchor dies suddenly at 51
>>Veteran Hartford reporter quits to join hospital
>>Longtime Reno anchor leaving to join hospital
>>Albany reporter out after nearly 25 years
>>Former Weather Channel meteorologist hired
>>Richmond anchor returns after 16-year hiatus
>>The Rev. Al Sharpton gave himself a 71% raise
>>NBC offers equal time to five Republican candidates
>>Hispanic caucus furious with NBC News president
>>NBC adds more José Díaz-Balart, not less
>>1,000 live shots this year, and counting 
>>Mrs. B hopes you're not notorious

Friday, November 20
>>CNN suspends global correspondent for partisan tweet
>>Trump's campaign cracks down on inquisitive reporters
>>Brian Williams only reports on weekday BREAKING NEWS
>>Canada to require "pick and pay" cable programming
>>Cincinnati anchor hired by Chicago Fox O&O
>>CBS Chicago hires bilingual Milwaukee reporter
>>NBC adds José Diaz-Balart to weekend anchor roster
>>Traffic reporter leaving San Francisco station
>>Emmy® award-winning reporter promoted to anchor
>>Orlando reporter exits after death in his family
>>Buffalo station expected to replace primary anchor
>>The Hollywood Reporter hires a news director
>>Nexstar names a general manager in Evansville
>>The Newseum lowers its adult admission price
>>Tracking media exposure in Central Florida
>>Fargo TV station has an engaging proposal
>>Mrs. B implies, while you infer

Thursday, November 19
>>NBC's former "Scud Stud" sues for defamation
>>Judge dismisses jury after inappropriate opening remarks
>>Sinclair unveils the "TERRORISM ALERT DESK"
>>Profane senator leaves CNN's Amanpour speechless
>>Charlie Sheen crushes the morning ratings
>>NBC's "Today" beats "GMA" by a factor of seven
>>Condé Nast shuts down Details magazine
>>NBC shutters Universal Sports Network
>>ESPN president injured during Disney retreat
>>Former Savannah ND promoted to GM
>>Raycom promotes assistant ND in Charleston
>>E! cancels "The Soup" after 12 years
>>Lame live marriage proposal in Green Bay
>>Second proposal in two weeks in Fargo
>>Mrs. B flaunts her grammar prowess

Wednesday, November 18
>>Nexstar continues its $1.7 billion buying spree
>>Is Perry Sook risking the future with enormous debt?
>>TV's obsession with reckless celebrity behavior
>>Gawker turns to politics, abandoning celebrity gossip
>>Comcast pulls the plug on New York Yankees
>>Former Oakland TV legend apologizes for his death
>>Minneapolis reporter arrested during demonstration
>>Grand jury indicts hit-and-run former Texas reporter
>>Austin anchor to donate kidney to her mother
>>CNN's Don Lemon doesn't intend to be a provocateur
>>Oakland anchor named a "water waster," blames son
>>Camel poops all over Cleveland morning news set
>>Celebrating 39 years at the same Louisville station
>>Columbus media uncomfortably close to boosterism
>>Networks reschedule insensitive TV episodes
>>Mrs. B wants to squash bad grammar

Tuesday, November 17
>>Media General rejects bid, opens talks with Nexstar
>>Meredith left standing in the wings, waiting
>>CNN correspondent presses irritated President Obama
>>Ironic and inescapable dilemma of wall-to-wall coverage
>>Protesters condemn CNN's "biased terrorism coverage"
>>Three Republican candidates ask NBC for equal time
>>Sarah Palin now says Couric question was fair
>>Orlando anchor to replace popular Boston personality
>>Former Emmy® award-winning anchor joins oil company
>>Toledo duopoly hires DC political reporter as anchor
>>Just in time for sweeps, the end of the world
>>Mrs. B hates wordy phrases

Monday, November 16
>>Did CNN tip off Paris terrorists of police movement?
>>Networks parachute in heavy hitters for coverage
>>CBS rearranged debate focus to foreign policy
>>Resounding silence from Media General board
>>Media General to open negotiations with Nexstar
>>Another Spanish-language newscast shuttered
>>ABC Chicago hires young reporter from Detroit
>>Poynter Institute lost $2.26 million last year
>>Former reporter warned to cease and desist
>>No love lost between Chris Cuomo and Megyn Kelly
>>California news director to anchor in Maryland
>>Former Reno news director hired in Harrisburg
>>West Virginia duopoly promoted ND from within
>>Syracuse meteorologist battling multiple sclerosis
>>Mrs. B tosses out some useless words



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