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"I didn't like the culture of fear."
Former AJAM executive Marcy McGinnis

>>Al Jazeera America's culture of newsroom fear
>>Qatar secret police detain German TV news crews
>>NBC promotes Hartford general manager to Philly
>>NBC "Nightly News" ends four-week losing streak
>>TNT sports anchor gives away his Emmy
>>Minneapolis station kills the royal couple
>>Former Fox News host to run for president
>>Baltimore investigative reporter steps aside
>>Buffalo station dumps reporter for Twitter post
>>Charlotte station hires morning anchor from Dayton
>>Former Charlotte anchor has heart attack
>>Indianapolis meteorologist heads to Pittsburgh
>>First black TV weathercaster dead at 77
>>Raleigh photog attacked, injured on the job
>>Politicians have learned to call "gotcha"
>>Mrs. B steps up to the lectern on the podium



Tuesday, May 5
>>Fox News apologizes for erroneous report
>>Baltimore politician says network was irresponsible
>>Another Al Jazeera America executive jumps ship
>>Phil Griffin's days at MSNBC may be numbered
>>Couric changes mind, skips Vegas title fight
>>The Twitter app that stole boxing's big night
>>NBC's biggest Derby audience in 23 years
>>Senate bill to grandfather existing JSAs
>>Dale Hansen sleeps with a basset hound
>>Obama says farewell to David Letterman
>>Dr. Phil fires female staffer for news leak
>>CNN prepares to relaunch Dr. Drew
>>Veteran Dothan news director resigns
>>Weekend sports anchor leaps 62 markets
>>Lawsuit describes anchor's "pure misery"
>>Greenville's conservative pitchman
>>Mrs. B celebrates Cinco de Mayo

Monday, May 4
>>Cleveland GM sends the landlord a dead mouse
>>Baltimore reporter accused of conflict of interest
>>Natalie Morales being moved off the "Today" show?
>>Vice, flush with cash, faces a programming challenge
>>Floyd Mayweather bans two female reporters
>>Tucson newscast director resigns via cake
>>Savannah news director out the door
>>David Gregory put his DC house up for sale
>>President Obama tonight on David Letterman
>>23-year-old sports anchor dies in his sleep
>>El Lay reporter shames FHRITP bonehead
>>Waco meteorologist jumps 82 markets
>>Dallas station hires cheerleader as reporter
>>South Bend station names new primary anchor
>>Providence reporter heads to Sacramento
>>Illinois station moves morning anchor to evenings
>>Watching Houston news from the space station
>>Does your anchor have nice protein filaments?
>>Mrs. B wants to help you graduate

Friday, May 1
>>Louisville anchor sues hospital for "cruel" treatment
>>Fox News host undergoing treatment for drug abuse
>>Rev. Al Sharpton's continuing conflicts of interest
>>Brian Williams "knows he's dead," says Politico
>>Reporters say Obama White House "all hype and spin"
>>Longtime Boston reporter returns to TV news
>>Authenticity replaces diversity in local news
>>Longtime "Daily Show" correspondent signs off
>>San Diego meteorologist crosses the street
>>Former Louisville reporter debuts in Milwaukee
>>Ex-Craftsman Tools pitchman becomes reporter
>>Tampa station hires newspaper pop culture guy
>>Wichita reporter returns to work after charges dropped
>>Panama City weekend anchor suddenly quits
>>NBC Chicago adds more newsroom management
>>Weather weenies pitch fake hail in Oklahoma City
>>New York Times lost $15 million in first quarter
>>NewsBlues International Headquarters goes to seed
>>Mrs. B has a grammar lesson for everyone

Thursday, April 30
>>TV station says no monkeying around in Buffalo
>>Vice will get its own cable channel in 2016
>>Al Jazeera America calls all-hands-on-deck meeting
>>Cable news continues to rake in huge profits
>>NBC's Brian Williams options are shrinking
>>NBC uses drone to cover Nepal aftermath
>>Cleveland station loses its primary anchor
>>ESPN stretched thin by fight and NFL draft
>>NBC Sports prepares for Derby blatherfest
>>Walter Cronkite's grandson commits suicide
>>CBS didn't consult Letterman on his replacement
>>Orlando reporter hired by Fox in Dallas
>>Longtime San Fran anchor quits for PR gig
>>A 21-page list of Emmy® nominees in Boston
>>Philly.com replaces John Bolaris
>>Canada's Weather Network signs deal
>>China plans to outlaw "weather weenies"
>>Mrs. B has a punctuated grammar lesson

Wednesday, April 29
>>Baltimore tough love mom video goes viral
>>Cable noise networks guilty of riotous looping
>>Is CNN as bad as everyone seems to think it is?
>>Too much time telling and not enough time showing
>>Jon Stewart nails CNN's coverage of WHCA dinner
>>Jake Tapper says WHCA dinner has "gotten out of control"
>>NBC investigation won't be completed before upfronts
>>Williams says he's "not going down without a fight"
>>ABC News continues to pull away from "Nightly"
>>Ex-Al Jazeera America supervisor sues network
>>80% of digital news websites rely on mobile devices
>>Weather Channel shakes up top management
>>Paralyzed former photog hospitalized in Atlanta
>>Domestic violence charges dropped against anchor
>>TV Guides fires its editor after 10 months
>>Weekend anchor quits "Entertainment Tonight"
>>Dallas station swaps blonde traffic reporters
>>Former Hartford reporter lands in Pittsburgh
>>Blogger's unparalleled attack on news director
>>Mrs. B hears from an anonymous reader

Tuesday, April 28
>>The conundrum of covering violent street protests
>>Baltimore mayor and Maryland governor walk out on CNN
>>MSNBC's Rev. Sharpton plans to stir the racial embers
>>CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta performs brain surgery in Nepal
>>NBC News boss looking for way to return Brian Williams
>>Fox Business parts ways with Don Imus after six years
>>ESPN sues Verizon over pick-and-pay bundle
>>HBO host eviscerates syndicated Dr. Oz
>>Couric isn't delivering page views at Yahoo
>>Managing editor promoted to news director in New York
>>San Antonio Looker lands morning news gig
>>Veteran Birmingham anchor not renewed
>>Illinois anchor crosses the street to Sinclair
>>Indianapolis station hires Moline news anchor
>>Raycom names chief meteorologist in Montgomery
>>OK City reporter passes out on live TV
>>Mrs. B remembers Mrs. Bobo

Monday, April 27
>>NBC investigation: Brian Williams embellished 11 stories
>>Network leaks create little hope for Williams return
>>Bruce Jenner interview gets huge ratings for ABC
>>Comedian jabs cable news at Correspondents' Dinner
>>Jake Tapper gets his own CNN Sunday morning show
>>Katie Couric's first year as Yahoo's global news anchor
>>Time Warner Cable may have a new suitor
>>Gannett's "Everything is Awesome" not so awesome
>>Jacksonville duopoly gets a fancy new set
>>The Most Important Media Reporters in America
>>Meteorologist says she was choked by boyfriend
>>Kalamazoo investigative reporter out the door
>>Denver station gets a new/old Broncos reporter
>>Holly Gauntt making morning changes in Denver
>>Hartford station hires reporter from Alabama
>>Little Rock anchor moving to Baton Rouge
>>Former Lexington sports anchor is dead
>>Britt McHenry returns to work, apologizes
>>Chicago ABC station says "Blacks Win"
>>NYC station awaits Game 8 of best-of-seven
>>Mrs. B says an epithet isn't always bad



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