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"This doesn't make any sense."
CNN's Jake Tapper in Ferguson, MO

>>Media nearly outnumbered protestors in Ferguson last night
>>The "Al Jazeera effect" of media coverage from Ferguson
>>Legendary Boston anchor to step down in 10 days
>>Dallas anchor goes underground after arrest
>>Couric girl won't be appearing on NBC's "Today"
>>ABC's David Muir "is openly gay in his day-to-day life"
>>Brian Williams is puzzled by ABC's "No World News"
>>New Philly anchor has "a little sass to me"
>>Cox braces for viewer backlash in Jacksonville
>>Seattle reporter confirms he's crossing the street
>>Veteran Orlando reporter beams up to Atlanta
>>O-Town Fox O&O hires blondiful Naptown reporter
>>Two new hires at Austin Fox O&O
>>Raleigh weatherman works toward the pulpit
>>Miami station hires a bodybuilder weather guesser
>>New Hampshire News One hires CNN political director
>>Twitter account catches news website in lies
>>Mrs. B hopes you're not a convicted felon



Monday, August 18
>>St. Louis station shows home of police officer
>>Viewers call for boycott of station, apology issued
>>More reporters handcuffed in Ferguson
>>Dallas anchor arrested for disorderly conduct
>>ABC's Elizabeth Vargas back in rehab
>>Longtime White House correspondent to retire
>>NBC paid David Gregory $4 million to leave
>>Al Gore sues Al Jazeera for breach of contract
>>Robin Williams suicide coverage "filled with ignorance"
>>HBO's "The Newsroom" is a wrap
>>Chicago weekend weather guesser resigns
>>The long, strange career journey of Byron Miranda
>>Hartford morning anchor suddenly out
>>North Carolina station gets a new chief met
>>Plenty of tearful farewells on Friday
>>Miami "Deco Drive" host calls it quits
>>Jacksonville anchor moves to management
>>News director changes in Iowa and Maine
>>Meredith Vieira to return to "Today"
>>And the Creative Arts Emmy Awards go to.....
>>Ten years as a morning fill-in anchor
>>Longest career in TV news...more than 47 years
>>Mrs. B has a tortuous lesson on torturous

Friday, August 15
>>Chuck Todd replaces David Gregory on "Meet the Press"
>>Another botched transition by NBC News management
>>Savannah Guthrie is a mom, BREAKING NEWS on "Today"
>>Report: CNN plans "radical changes" on morning show
>>WPIX denies reports it has fired its news director
>>San Francisco station gets a blondiful general manager
>>Disney to sell 23 radio stations, lay off 200 employees
>>West Virginia news director's non-denial denial
>>Indianapolis station hires veteran sports columnist
>>Ashleigh Morrison debuts as reporter in Miami
>>Miami morning news anchor moves back to reporting
>>West Palm station hires blondiful Fox News reporter
>>Miss Hawaii to debut as Honolulu weather guesser
>>Fresno reporter quitting to join children's hospital
>>Gary Vosot prepares for his winter weather live shot
>>Mrs. B helps you spell protesters and demonstrators

Thursday, August 14
>>West Virginia station blackballs ex-network correspondent
>>His Op-Ed column angered Sinclair management
>>Cops arrest reporters covering St. Louis protests
>>Lauren Bacall once made Anderson Cooper cry
>>NBC News executives worry about ABC's David Muir
>>NFL Films is no longer using film
>>Robin Williams's daughter a victim of vicious tweets
>>Charlotte morning news anchor returning to El Lay
>>Hartford morning anchor to fill-in on MSNBC
>>Veteran Buffalo meteorologist crosses the street
>>Young Idaho weather guesser jumps 103 markets
>>Terre Haute reporter leaps 120 TV markets
>>Austin station hires a new primary anchor
>>Albuquerque sports reporter headed to Charlotte
>>Indianapolis station hires radio sports personality
>>Tribune flagship gets a new assistant news director
>>San Francisco news director earning $350,000?
>>Pennsylvania cable sports guy pops photobomber
>>Mrs. B hopes you aren't confused by misused words

Wednesday, August 13
>>Shep apologizes for calling Robin Williams a "coward"
>>ABC News apologizes for video of Williams's home
>>CNN reporter apologizes for "demon" comment
>>Oakland TV station was used in 1993 "Mrs. Doubtfire"
>>Former Sacramento anchor's ex-fiancé on suicide watch
>>How do network morning anchors get ready for work?
>>Republican Committee creating fake news websites
>>New York Times reporter injured in chopper crash
>>Former New England anchor returning to roots
>>Phoenix weekend anchor promoted to mornings
>>Longtime Media General GM to retire in December
>>Buffalo station nudges meteorologist toward the door
>>Politico to move headquarters early next year
>>Critic: Every TV news set is exactly the same
>>The world according to fake reporter Gary Vosot
>>ESPN radio host thankful for two-day suspension
>>Mrs. B wants to defuse your grammar confusion

Tuesday, August 12
>>CBS pulls an affiliation power play in Indianapolis
>>Can five news department survive in Market #26
>>Affiliation change sends chills through network stations
>>Reno anchor on leave after arrest for DUI, child abuse
>>Texas reporter arrested for pot possession
>>How many audition reels include Robin Williams interviews?
>>Local stations owned Tony Stewart story in early hours
>>Chuck Todd to replace David Gregory at NBC
>>Maryland station seeks video of boardwalk pole-dancer
>>Vandal shatters glass front door at DC station
>>Cleveland weekend anchor returning to New England
>>North Carolina station names morning meteorologist
>>San Antonio weekend anchor moving to radio talk
>>Des Moines station replaces morning anchor
>>Longtime CBS News political editor dead at 69
>>Love blooms on early morning Chicago TV
>>Sacramento station hires Palm Springs news director
>>NBC's unanswered Savannah Guthrie secrets
>>Mrs. B is feeling plural

Monday, August 11
>>John Bolaris tased and punched in Montauk
>>Blondiful Shreveport anchor arrested for DUI
>>Blondiful Wichita anchor nearly hit by police chase
>>Savannah Guthrie signs off on maternity leave
>>CNN White House correspondent marries millionaire
>>Jane Pauley moves from NBC to "CBS Sunday Morning"
>>Philly meteorologist comes out of the closet
>>ABC News apologizes for inaccurate animation
>>Veteran Albany reporter confirms retirement
>>Seattle consumer reporter crosses the street
>>South Carolina station hires news director
>>There's a syndication shakeup in Cincinnati
>>Dallas station plans to hire cop as traffic reporter
>>CBS Sports confirms plans for all-female sports show
>>Chicago station hires Weather Channel producer
>>Mixed reviews for "Fat Guys in the Woods"
>>Austin morning anchor leaves for community college
>>Gannett seeking "Reduction in Force Synergy Coach"
>>NFL star caught in the middle of "The View" auditions
>>ABC pushes back against "cranky 85-year-old woman" 
>>Mrs. B hopes you won't mispronounce infrastructure


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