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"This is all inside baseball, and it has no impact on the success or failure of the show itself."
Media analyst Andrew Tyndall on "Today" show drama

>>Swarming media compounds unrest in Ferguson
>>Stephanopoulos audition lands EXCLUSIVE cop interview
>>Tom Brokaw awarded nation's highest civilian honor
>>CNN unveils another travelogue for January
>>Longtime San Fran meteorologist gets the axe
>>Atlanta station hires a wild and crazy weather guy
>>Indianapolis morning anchor returns from suspension
>>Denver station hires a blondiful news director
>>The NBC dirty laundry that will not wash clean
>>Horowitz wanted Al Roker off the weather beat
>>Sinclair plans to return news to St. Louis station
>>Where have all the outrageous sweeps stunts gone?
>>Knoxville morning meteorologist out the door
>>OK City weekend weather guesser exits
>>What? No blonde Lookers this week?
>>Mrs. B is feeling plural



Monday, November 24
>>Sinclair swabs the deck in Las Vegas and DC
>>Dish Network agrees to temporary CNN reprieve
>>Nexstar's high-wire financial act continues
>>Aereo files for bankruptcy protection
>>Network news anchors auditioned for big get
>>Man admits arson to DC news crew
>>Cops tase man in Denver TV station lobby
>>Former NBC employee was Bill Cosby's pimp
>>Female viewership of NFL games is up
>>San Fran columnist calls FSU player a rapist
>>Syndicated Queen Latifah canceled
>>Phoenix morning anchor out the door
>>Veteran Tampa anchor to retire Wednesday
>>Charlotte meteorologist heads to Seattle
>>Longtime Orlando meteorologist gets the axe
>>Tulsa reporter takes job with Cherokee Nation
>>Legendary West Virginia news director dead
>>Longtime Huntsville news personality dead
>>Arraignment postponed for Dayton meteorologist
>>Another shrill backstage brawl at "The View"
>>Mrs. B has a grammar graduation

Friday, November 21
>>CBS News shakes up top leadership
>>Dish Network agrees to short extension with CBS
>>Surprising number of affiliates carry Obama speech
>>News president horrified by proposed "Today" changes
>>NBC management staged Al Roker intervention
>>Veteran Los Angeles general manager to retire
>>Fox News back in bed with Scott Brown
>>Former "Nightline" anchor working on new CNN show
>>Miami reporter returns from four-month walkout
>>Prosecutors drop assault charges against ex-anchor
>>Cox Media drops live studio interviews in Boston
>>Houston reporter quits to spend time with family
>>West Virginia reporter makes 105-market leap
>>Sinclair names new general manager in Wisconsin
>>Viewer says Roanoke anchor has Dumbo ears
>>Australian reporter using his head in El Lay
>>John Oliver's comedy is not journalism
>>Mrs. B has a lame duck on the menu

Thursday, November 20
>>NBC pushes back against anchor firing stories
>>Diane Sawyer's husband dies overnight
>>Former Sacramento anchor pleads not guilty
>>Al Sharpton says tax investigation is old news
>>Networks won't give Obama prime time
>>TV news has abandoned Ebola for Bill Cosby
>>Former Alaska reporter under investigation
>>Two top Phoenix anchors out the door
>>North Carolina anchor recovering from surgery
>>Weekend anchor promoted in Monterey
>>Longtime Fox general manager retires
>>Leadership award for Nexstar CEO
>>Drones are aircraft, says Safety Board
>>People names TV's "Hottest Anchors"
>>Mrs. B on me, myself, and I

Wednesday, November 19
>>MSNBC host owes more than $4.5 million in taxes
>>Matt Lauer behind firing of "Today" general manager
>>Anderson Cooper lowest-rated Monday show on CNN
>>Defamation lawsuit dismissed against Wichita station
>>Philadelphia CBS reporter sued for defamation
>>Veteran Buffalo anchor diagnosed with cancer
>>Dish Network expected to blackout CBS tomorrow
>>Sinclair executives to visit Providence station
>>Greenville station hires weekend anchor from Atlanta
>>Muir interview reminiscent of staged Obama chats
>>Blondiful Boston anchor returning to California
>>Chicago O&O hires sports guy from Mexico City
>>San Francisco O&O gets assistant ND from Charlotte
>>Legendary Dayton meteorologist dead at 89
>>General manager proposes marriage to reporter
>>Australian anchor tries to shed extreme grooming
>>Mrs. B's grammar lesson is incredible

Tuesday, November 18
>>NBC fires "Today" general manager before he starts
>>Cleveland general manager abruptly resigns
>>Third lawsuit filed in restroom hidden-camera case
>>Fox News can no longer be ignored, says critic
>>CNN prime-time ratings fall 60% on Wednesdays
>>Internal strife at CNNís "The Situation Room"
>>Troubled morning anchor resurfaces in New Orleans
>>San Fran reporter files $600 expense report for weed
>>Indianapolis morning anchor goes missing after OWI
>>Dayton meteorologist due in court tomorrow
>>Cleveland news truck rear-ended, rolls on interstate
>>Veteran Tucson anchor won't renew contract
>>Colorado morning anchor heads to Albuquerque
>>Vermont morning anchor hired in Oklahoma City
>>Mississippi anchor promoted to news director
>>NBC faces yet another controversial project
>>Mrs. B asks who's who

Monday, November 17
>>Indianapolis morning anchor arrested for drunk driving
>>Dayton meteorologist crashes car while driving drunk
>>Anderson Cooper cancels staff Christmas party
>>Longtime CNN International anchor out the door
>>Brian Williams inducted into New Jersey Hall of Fame
>>Guinness World Book of Records certifies Roker stunt
>>CNBC website lays off eight staffers
>>Vice Media hires longtime Obama chief of staff
>>Bill O'Reilly blames Jon Stewart for mid-term elections
>>Study finds news bias in run-up to US attacks
>>Poynter announces multi-million-dollar loss
>>AOL is looking for America's next great sportscaster
>>KRON spirits lifted by move to Embarcadero
>>Critic: San Fran news director is "universally despised"
>>Memphis chief met repositioned to weekends
>>Buffalo reporter expected to cross the street
>>Arkansas meteorologist moving to Maine
>>New Haven station hires mid-morning lifestyle host
>>Cosby cornered by NPR, refuses to answer
>>Australian "Today" host says viewers are sexist
>>Mrs. B's Grammar Yammer comprises grammar lessons


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