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"I will not be silenced."
Dr. Mehmet Oz

>>NBC's DC bureau strongly opposes Brian Williams return
>>Former "Today" executive named president of Fox Sports
>>Comcast backs out of $45 billion Time Warner acquisition
>>Weather Channel works a deal with Dish Network
>>Dr. Oz comes out swinging against opponents
>>Britt McHenry's ESPN suspension quietly expires
>>CBS plans prime-time David Letterman sendoff
>>FAA grants first-ever drone news gathering waiver
>>Former Las Vegas anchor lands exclusive exemption
>>Miami man sues station for libel and invasion of privacy
>>Gray agrees to pay $10.25 million for Maine TV station
>>CBS Newspath hires Emmy-winning New York reporter
>>Illinois station moves sports anchor to news 
>>Retired Minneapolis sports anchor has stomach cancer
>>Des Moines sports guy becomes morning news anchor
>>Dayton morning anchor has double mastectomy
>>Baby boy or girl? Pick one in Boston anchor POLL
>>Ginger Zee heads to "Celebrity Jeopardy"
>>Celebrities do White House Correspondents' Dinner
>>Bruce Jenner creates a question of pronouns
>>Mrs. B helps you decide whether or not



Thursday, April 23
>>Dish Network extends deal with The Weather Channel
>>Tax problems continue for MSNBC personalities
>>Retired Atlanta anchor underwent liver cancer surgery
>>Troubled former New York anchor auditions in Georgia
>>Sinclair plans a Sunday morning political show
>>Kim Kardashian produces a mental health documentary
>>Sneak peek at Gannett's new "Tegna" logo
>>Paychecks are bouncing at Soul of the South
>>NBC names Jim Vance replacement in DC
>>San Fran weekend anchor exits for "next adventure"
>>Fox Sports suspends NBA analyst after assault claim
>>Houston reporter booted amid rumors of fabrication
>>Minneapolis station hires Rochester primary anchor
>>Grand Rapids anchor returns from shoulder surgery
>>Pittsburgh reporter to debut Monday in Flint
>>New England Cable News shuffles anchors
>>Hartford station unveils "First Alert" weather Jeep
>>Orlando's Historic Icon TV booby trap
>>Mrs. B is just getting warmed up

Wednesday, April 22
>>Columbus general manager continues to clean house
>>Gannett changes corporate name to masturbation toy
>>Well-traveled news director resurfaces in Salt Lake
>>Legendary DC anchor scaling back anchor duties
>>Los Angeles anchor quits to spend time with family
>>Kansas City station introduces a new primary anchor
>>NBC leaves Brian Williams twisting in the wind
>>Palm Beach station demotes veteran news anchor
>>Oakland investigative reporter out after one year
>>Aereo agrees to settle for a million bucks
>>NFL announces its busy 2015 TV schedule
>>Longtime NASCAR reporter dies of cancer
>>Legendary Dallas newsman dead at 85
>>Armed intruder arrested at Georgia station
>>Former CNN spokesperson exits Tribune Media
>>CNN's Don Lemon profiled as defiant to ridicule
>>Mrs. B is off to visit her pre-teen grandson

Tuesday, April 21
>>NBC will require a public apology for Williams to return
>>David Letterman invites BriWi to final "Late Night"
>>Roger Ailes says Williams made "dumb-ass error"
>>Jon Stewart's final "Daily Show" in August
>>Dr. Oz plans aggressive response to critics
>>Reporter's husband says overnight shift led to death
>>Dallas meteorologist quits to spend time with family
>>Houston investigative reporter joins energy company
>>Baseball manager drops 77 F-bombs on media
>>Britt McHenry should be flipping burgers, says critic
>>Ex-"Top Gear" host prepares for his comeback
>>Birmingham anchor out the door after two years
>>Nexstar hires Bounce TV sales guy in Baton Rouge
>>Former Atlantic City general manager dead at 75
>>Assistant ND promoted in Winston-Salem
>>California news director out after a year
>>The Couric girl scores another sweet gig
>>Arkansas meteorologist lands in North Carolina
>>The Pulitzers are a "graven and craven honor"
>>Mrs. B is rung out

Monday, April 20
>>Debate swirls around ESPN's Britt McHenry suspension
>>Justice Department to oppose Comcast-Time Warner merger
>>CBS issued video to explain graphic "60 Minutes" images
>>UN agency removes "Isis" from list of hurricane names
>>CBS investigation finds "hostile work environment"
>>Investor yanks funding for syndicated "The Daily Buzz"
>>Seattle station's agitating honeybee hive hysteria
>>Verizon offers pick-and-pay cable TV bundle
>>Piers Morgan filling in on "Good Morning Britain"
>>Candy Crowley in no hurry to return to TV
>>Fox Sports hires Pete Rose; Tim Tebow quits ESPN
>>Jon Stewart exhausted by depressing cable news
>>Making a happier CNN "Doomsday video"
>>Phoenix anchor quits TV news after 26 years
>>Roanoke reporter quits rather than wear a tie
>>NewsBlues names its first auxiliary Looker
>>Mrs. B awaits her Pulitzer later today

Friday, April 17
>>ESPN suspends blondiful reporter for mean-girl rant
>>Tow company accused of predatory practices
>>IRS files tax lien against MSNBC personality
>>Veteran El Lay anchor quits to return to college
>>Phoenix consumer reporter quits for pee-ahr job
>>Longtime Chicago anchor lands part-time radio gig
>>Chris Hansen's KickStarter campaign stalls on day two
>>Former Hansen squeeze out the door in Orlando
>>Denver general manager steps down after five years
>>Another Las Vegas GM hits the bricks
>>Reno news director shown the door
>>Atlanta station hires another young reporter
>>Miami station swaps out its primary anchor
>>South Florida reporter joining Arab news network
>>Pittsburgh reporter to anchor in Flint
>>Legendary West Virginia personality dies
>>Investigative reporter wants inaccuracies clarified
>>Emmy-nominated means you didn't win
>>But you can still buy a plaque to celebrate the loss
>>Mrs. B hit the moot button

Thursday, April 16
>>Former NBC correspondent wants to catch predators
>>He'll give you a T-shirt and coffee mug if you help
>>Paparazzi pictures unleashed another BriWi backlash
>>NBC confirms Williams was considered for "Tonight Show"
>>Tampa paper notified secret service of helicopter stunt
>>Charlotte stations offer team smotherage of Obama visit
>>Former Jacksonville anchor lands in Denver
>>ABC News hires Houston reporter as correspondent
>>Atlanta station replenishes its reporter roster
>>Knoxville anchor to retire after 30 years
>>Arizona meteorologist makes 128-market leap
>>Legendary NBC talent scout dead at 87
>>Twenty years after Howard Cosell's death
>>Capital New York is rebranding and expanding
>>RFD-TV launches a new studio in Nashville
>>Chinese military attacks Baltimore TV website
>>Mrs. B knows when to [sic] 'em

Wednesday, April 15
>>Decision on the future of Brian Williams could come soon
>>Advertisers seem to prefer Lester Holt at NBC News
>>Williams rescues puppy from Taliban in daring helicopter raid
>>ABC News beats "Nightly News" for second week
>>Hartford station pushes back on anchor arrest story
>>Syracuse morning anchor mysteriously replaced
>>Portland primary anchor quits after nine months
>>Oklahoma station hires former Fox News anchor
>>Gentlemen (and Roger Ailes) prefer blondes
>>MSNBC names new chief legal correspondent
>>Nancy Grace beats MSNBC's Chris Hayes
>>Bill Weir's CNN photog accused of domestic violence
>>HLN plans an Ellen DeGeneres game show in 2016
>>Boston reporter headed to Tampa, will anchor wife follow?
>>Fox Chicago has a last-minute newscast meltdown
>>Oakland station is looking out for you
>>NAB panel questions FCC Roanoke indecency fine 
>>Broadcaster is one of America's "200 Worst Jobs"
>>Mrs. B investigates the IRS and FBI and FCC

Tuesday, April 14
>>Brain tumor forces Illinois anchor off the air
>>Prosecutors pile more charges on San Diego shooter
>>Veteran Atlanta anchor riding out her contract
>>Wholesale staff changes continue in Atlanta
>>Hartford anchor dismissed without explanation
>>Palm Beach cameraman arrested and fired
>>Investigative reporter rides rape kit to Houston
>>Los Angeles Press Club honors Vice founder
>>CBS Radio hires new boss from Journal TV
>>Robin Meade gets a new studio desk
>>Kansas City anchor moves to sports
>>Knoxville station promotes a news director
>>Veteran business reporter dies of brain cancer
>>Louisville anchor returns from surgery
>>The Weather Channel's boastful ratings growth
>>Accuweather Network partners with Baron Services
>>Fantasy football site sending kid to Hawaii
>>CBS "Face the Nation" host's famous mother
>>Dallas sports anchor still uses a flip phone
>>Things your Surly Editor© didn't know
>>Mrs. B suffers from hospital jargon

Monday, April 13
>>Dallas's "blustering, vainglorious, near-mythic" sports anchor
>>Critic: Why not the "Brian Williams Show" on MSNBC?
>>Hometown Elmira folks want the BriWi billboard down
>>CBS wastes no time naming Bob Schieffer's successor
>>Rand Paul walks out on another contentious interview
>>Candice Bergen turned down a "60 Minutes" job
>>CBS's Les Moonves took a 14% pay cut in 2014
>>News Corp. may move to World Trade Center
>>Former Dallas reporter reveals breast cancer
>>Paralyzed former photog suffers physical setbacks
>>Questions surround departure of Indianapolis ND
>>Wisconsin news director has no comment on anything
>>Kansas City morning anchor promoted to prime time
>>Illinois meteorologist hopes to move to the web
>>Philandering reporter wants to find underage sex partners
>>Lou Holtz is out after 10 years at ESPN
>>12-year-old ESPN bracket winner gets his wish
>>Hartford investigative reporter leaves for family
>>Missouri station hires a new morning anchor
>>DirecTV replaces Rob Lowe with talking horse
>>Mrs. B is burglarized



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