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"In my 35 years of journalism, I've never had a week like last week."
KOB anchor Tom Joles returning from suspension

>>Troubled news anchor fired after Hooters bar fight
>>Louisville sports anchor pleads not guilty to hit and run
>>Denver reporter fired after traffic altercation
>>Proof that Bill O'Reilly lied; no one seems to care
>>Albuquerque anchor apologizes for newsroom fracas
>>ABC News makes anchor team officially official
>>Savannah Guthrie gets a "Nightly News" tryout
>>Charlie Rose filling in for vacationing Scott Pelley
>>Keith Olbermann returns from a brief suspension
>>Tom Brokaw plans a memoir on his cancer battle
>>Former NewsBlues Looker joins Amazon
>>Hartford reporter quits for "exciting" opportunity
>>Houston station names a daytime traffic anchor
>>Denver station is adrift without management
>>Gannett anchor reassignments in Louisville
>>Missouri station in search of a news director
>>Rebranding the giant petri dish for news innovation
>>Reinventing the evening news anchor at NBC?
>>Mrs. B has shrink, shrank, and shrunk



Monday, March 2
>>Louisville sports anchor arrested in fatal accident
>>Montana political reporter injured by motorist
>>Albuquerque anchor back today from newsroom scuffle
>>Cleveland anchor returns from jiga-boo-boo
>>Meteorologist says news directors need training
>>Former tabloid editor returns to News Corp.
>>Longtime WABC investigative reporter abruptly quits
>>Veteran Oklahoma City anchor gets the boot
>>Morning anchors shuffled in Toledo
>>Boston overhaul pays off for Cox Media
>>Ex-NewsBlues Looker heads to Los Angeles
>>Knoxville station hires another weather guesser
>>Mississippi station names chief meteorologist
>>Greta Van Susteren house is on the market
>>Emphysema claims longtime KC weatherman
>>Former Minneapolis anchor dead of cancer
>>Syracuse station promotes a news director
>>Don Lemon interviews a hero llama on CNN
>>Mrs. B is trying to decide whether to lie or lay

Friday, February 27 
>>Lara Logan rushed to DC hospital with internal bleeding
>>Scott Pelley, CBS's no-nonsense straight-arrow anchor
>>Bill O'Reilly accused of embellishing LA riot stories
>>Ex-Dallas colleagues call O'Reilly a phony
>>It's all hands on deck at left-leaning Media Matters
>>DC reporter admits to conflict of interests
>>Four local TV stations land Obama EXCLUSIVES
>>Diane Sawyer returns to ABC tonight
>>NBCUniversal pays Kardashians $80 million
>>Former Philly anchor heads to NBC flagship
>>62 days since shooting of Texas meteorologist
>>Detroit station unveils street-front studio
>>Gutfeld signs off from Fox News's "Red Eye"
>>Phoenix station streams viral Llama Drama
>>FCC makes broadband internet a public utility
>>Aereo bankruptcy auction generates $2 million
>>South Carolina reporter takes icy header
>>NBC's glacial 1954 "Camel News Caravan"
>>Mrs. B separates historic from historical

Thursday, February 26
>>Wounded San Diego sports anchor returns to station
>>Fox News is tired of unproven O'Reilly allegations
>>No Brian Williams jokes on NBC's "Late Night"
>>Olbermann reaches crossroad in his ESPN renaissance
>>The Rev. Al wants you to show him the money
>>Tornado scavengers sue Peoria station for defamation
>>New Mexico woman threatens to blow up TV station
>>Expecting snow, CNN stashes its talent in a hotel
>>Ex-Atlanta meteorologist fronting attorney commercials
>>Obama ribs MSNBC anchor for dyeing his hair
>>Nexstar grounds its news chopper in Las Vegas
>>Chicago anchor expected back today from broken ankle
>>New general managers named in Boston and Buffalo
>>Something BIG is coming to South Florida TV
>>Anderson Cooper sells his $2.975 million cottage
>>Deborah Norville celebrates 20 years at "Inside Edition"
>>Mrs. B helps you with your speling

Wednesday, February 25
>>Jacksonville station exploits dead boy with sweeps piece
>>White House exploits local news anchors with EXCLUSIVES
>>Al Sharpton traded silence for MSNBC show
>>O'Reilly repeatedly lied while reporter in Dallas
>>Cleveland station suspends "jigaboo" anchor
>>NBC mimicked CBS News promo for Dan Rather
>>Nightly News ratings rise with Lester Holt
>>Memphis general manager resigns after two years
>>ESPN suspends Keith Olbermann for tweet
>>Some things never change for SportsCenter host
>>Bounced New Jersey sports guy lands on cable
>>Former South Bend anchor crosses the street
>>Veteran Ft. Wayne anchor out the door
>>Albuquerque GM insists no punches were thrown
>>Investigating the NBC investigative reporter
>>MSNBC unveils a new graphics package
>>Comedy Central loses a longtime correspondent
>>Former reporter blowing smoke in Alaska
>>Mrs. B's grammar lesson is jury-rigged and jerry-built

Tuesday, February 24
>>Lawsuit claims Comcast paid for Al Sharpton's silence
>>MSNBC guaranteed time slot to Sharpton despite ratings
>>Bill O'Reilly threatens New York Times reporter
>>Albuquerque anchor out after newsroom fight
>>Cleveland morning anchor escorted from building
>>Beauty queen anchor apologizes for "jigaboo" gaffe
>>Deceptively cold on the weather green screen
>>What's in the weather box in Boston and Dallas?
>>San Diego anchor retires after 39 years
>>Veteran Chicago reporter not renewed
>>Another San Fran reporter hired in Los Angeles
>>El Lay general manager quits to write songs
>>Birmingham general manager heads to St. Louis
>>MSNBC's "Morning Joe" gets a new boss
>>Maryland reporter makes 128-market leap
>>Houston reporter returns to Boston roots
>>More trouble at Hartford's Back9Network
>>Louisville anchor victim of crowdsourcing scam
>>Former Ft. Myers anchor now doing porn films
>>Mrs. B hears from a grammar peep

Monday, February 23
>>Ex-CBS correspondent says O'Reilly lied about riot
>>Brian Williams could have learned a lesson from O'Reilly
>>Is Chris Hayes headed for the door at MSNBC?
>>Nancy Grace celebrates a decade at HLN
>>Was Dr. Nancy Snyderman drunk on NBC News?
>>Columbus news anchor out after seven months
>>Staff upheaval continues at Orlando cable news
>>News director changes in Beaumont and Midland
>>Hartford station hires anchor from Richmond
>>Buffalo anchor returning to Minnesota roots
>>Nexstar hires two meteorologists in Little Rock
>>Huntsville station takes down embarrassing video
>>Former anchor selling fetish wear in gay hangout
>>Mrs. B has "a" lesson on "an"


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