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"The nation was assaulted by imposters masquerading as reporters."
Scott Pelley



>>Despite suffocating debt, obscene compensation for CEO
>>Nexstar's Perry Sook raked in record $18,554,915
>>Tegna CEO gets $8,863,126, Tribune CEO $8,063,359
>>TheBlaze negotiating exit for contentious commentator
>>Obama press secretary joins NBC News and MSNBC
>>Columbus basketball fans still fuming over blackout
>>Scott Pelley's remarkable report on "fake news"
>>Sean Hannity accuses CBS of dishonest editing
>>Breaking down conservative media into three groups
>>Breitbart denied permanent congressional press passes
>>Survey: More people trust advertising than trust news
>>Veteran TV manager retires after 40 years
>>Ft. Myers GM heads to South Carolina station
>>Legendary Kansas City anchor calls it quits
>>Hartford morning meteorologist has heart attack
>>Longtime Fresno primary anchor dead at 71
>>Arkansas anchor leaps 76 markets to Pittsburgh
>>Nielsen has reissued Boston February sweeps
>>CBS's "The Talk" will fill in with local news anchors
>>NewsBlues rescues four orphaned fox kits
>>Mrs. B cements her lesson in concrete



Monday, March 27
>>Columbus station drops final seconds of NCAA playoff
>>Blames "massive technical failure" for weather interruption
>>Raycom Media settles carriage standoff with AT&T
>>Where was NBC "Thunder Truck" during severe weather?
>>Trump promotes scathing commentary by Fox News
>>White House press secretary calls reporter an "idiot"
>>Scott Pelley is pulling no political punches on CBS
>>Univision claims it is being blackballed by Trump
>>Ted Koppel on the "great divide" in American media
>>Fox News fires comptroller for "abhorrent behavior"
>>The Blaze has permanently banned Tomi Lahren
>>DC morning anchor headed to WNBC weekends
>>Nexstar Media names a general manager in Norfolk
>>Texas meteorologist makes a 134-market leap
>>EP promoted to news director in Wichita
>>Norfolk morning anchor reveals multiple sclerosis
>>25 years of crappy weather and 19,227 live shots
>>Mrs. B on the correct use of "comprise"

Friday, March 24
>>President Trump justifies falsehoods with falsehoods
>>He blames "highly respected television networks"
>>Trump cites "totally biased and fake news reports"
>>ABC News and "GMA" Twitter accounts hacked
>>NBC parts ways with man behind Trump-Lauer debacle
>>Bob Iger extends as Disney CEO another year
>>ESPN promotes three to replace Chris Berman
>>MSNBC making increased use of NBC logo
>>Raycom VP accuses AT&T U-verse of deception
>>New York reporter moving to Fox Business Network
>>Ex-Boston political reporter joins marketing firm
>>Former Dallas consumer reporter drops 71 markets
>>Nexstar shaking up daytime lineup in Austin
>>Former Philly meteorologist plays news anchor
>>Mrs. B is a gluten for grammar punishment

Thursday, March 23
>>Shep Smith's opposing views anger Fox News faithful
>>Did Fox loosen Shep's leash, or has he gone rogue?
>>Wall Street Journal's extraordinarily harsh Trump editorial
>>Controversial Fox senior legal analyst still missing
>>Fox & Friends ratings surge continues, up nearly 50%
>>Study finds Fox News has the best gender parity
>>Fox Sports quietly settles discrimination lawsuit
>>British news channel incorrectly identifies attacker
>>Veteran Charlotte reporter crossing the street
>>Tampa station hires Hispanic general manager
>>Kiddie porn meteorologist's sentence reduced
>>Comcast Sports Network rebrands in California
>>Boston station reacts to Nielsen sweeps revision
>>AT&T U-verse and Raycom Media trade accusations
>>Hearst and Dish Network blame each other
>>Mrs. B makes a grizzly grisly discovery

Wednesday, March 22
>>Fox News has "returned to its natural state"
>>News built on leggy young women and angry old men
>>Fox divide: bloviators vs. earnest news personalities
>>Presidential questioning stays local in Kentucky
>>Does Trump know NBC owns the Golf Channel?
>>National Hurricane boss returns to Weather Channel
>>Boston station hires former "AMHQ" news anchor
>>People Meter error skews sweeps numbers in Boston
>>Former Tribune, CNN news VP hired by Scripps
>>Austin weather guesser heads to Nashville
>>Oklahoma City reporter to anchor in Lexington
>>Wisconsin man arrested for shooting news photog
>>Former Connecticut meteorologist sentenced to prison
>>Younger, cheaper...and harder working
>>Mrs. B explains less and fewer

Tuesday, March 21
>>Fox News distances itself from Trump wiretap claims
>>Senior Fox legal analyst removed from news cycle
>>Blondiful political commentator suspended by The Blaze
>>Trump refuses to discuss wiretapping in local interview
>>Fox News carries entire Louisville campaign-style rally
>>Scarborough and Brzezinski say "enough is enough"
>>Today is Ernie Anastos Day in New York City
>>Dallas reporter declines low-ball offer, exits Fox O&O
>>Former CNN correspondent leaves Oakland Fox O&O
>>Veteran Houston anchor out after 18 years
>>Longtime Buffalo anchor exits after 19 years
>>Des Moines anchor announces retirement plans
>>Turner Broadcasting CEO's ugly divorce battle
>>Former CNN photographer sues network
>>Meteorologist expected to plead guilty to child porn
>>Nexstar Media names a VP-GM in Myrtle Beach
>>Record viewership for CBS's March Madness
>>Top talent is leaving ESPN because of Bristol
>>Mrs. B tries to quash the squash

Monday, March 20
>>Has Donald Trump become the Fox News president?
>>Rupert Murdoch may be stalking Tribune Broadcasting
>>Jimmy Breslin's advice to reporters: Shut up and listen
>>Businesses, more than reporters, using FOIA
>>Subway and Canadian Broadcasting in game of chicken
>>CNN en Español banned in Venezuela, celebrates 20th
>>Wilkes Barre anchor cited for harassment
>>Nexstar Media names West Virginia news director
>>Raycom promotes Lubbock ND to Tucson
>>Univision hires director of news operations
>>CBS loses courtside mics during March Madness
>>Uncle Verne gets smacked in the kisser
>>Blackout of 26 Hearst-owned stations continues
>>Knoxville meteorologist brings her kids to work
>>Station groups struggle to shed older talent
>>Mrs. B welcomes spring...not Spring



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