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"I will not allow my presence to become a distraction."
Roger Ailes



>>Roger Ailes exits with $40 million and a non-compete
>>Rupert Murdoch steps in to calm the Fox News crew
>>Former Fox anchor Laurie Dhue shops tell-all book
>>Murdochs move to muzzle Ailes spokesmonster
>>Ailes created artificial Fox employment bubble
>>TV Critic: Monsters don't die easy
>>Montel Williams calls Bill O'Reilly a coward
>>Federal appeals court sends hacker to prison
>>Indianapolis reporter arrested for theft
>>Ex-Miss Arkansas to anchor "Good Day Atlanta"
>>Miami meteorologist exits after signing new contract
>>Quincy moves to replace Ft. Wayne news director
>>Cancer claims former Birmingham meteorologist
>>Lifetime achievement award for Charlie Rose
>>The videocassette recorder's long goodbye
>>Mrs. B worries about your loose spelling



Thursday, July 21
>>Murdochs ponder next step as Ailes heads for exit
>>Handicapping the Fox News management short list
>>What will become of the most vindictive flack in TV?
>>Megyn Kelly shows up for work in a bikini
>>Unemployed media observer remains unemployed
>>O'Reilly furious as Montel Williams walks off show
>>ABC denies Paula Faris is leaving "The View"
>>Electrical fire forces OK City TV station evacuation
>>Prosecution rests in San Diego sports anchor trial
>>Woman sent to jail for sucker-punching reporter
>>Texas reporter gets giant cockroach for birthday
>>Veteran Denver anchor crosses the street
>>Chicago meteorologist climbs the career ladder
>>NBC to use supermodels for Olympics coverage
>>Mrs. B has a factoid

Wednesday, July 20
>>Ailes in final stages of negotiating his Fox exit
>>Drudge Report reveals $40 million golden parachute
>>Megyn Kelly says she was sexually harassed a decade ago
>>21st Century Fox sets August 1 Ailes deadline
>>New York Post has front-page Ailes coverage
>>Divergent parallels between Trump and Ailes
>>Unemployed "media observer" who blew the whistle
>>NBC uses electronic Peacock to erase CNN
>>Republicans warn reporters to dress professionally
>>Fox News sues Charter for fraud, breach of contract
>>Fox Chicago pushes out morning executive producer
>>Nick Denton expected to file for bankruptcy
>>Charlotte station hires Savannah weekend anchor
>>California station replaces veteran sports anchor
>>Details of Connecticut meteorologist's kid porn
>>South Dakota chief met to rassle with chicken
>>Mrs. B argues against surplusage

Tuesday, July 19
>>Murdoch family decides Roger Ailes has to go
>>21st Century Fox issues tepid non-denial denial
>>CNN Grill in Cleveland catches fire, evacuated
>>Reporters hassled, escorted from convention floor
>>Houston news director returns from two-year hiatus
>>Cleveland reporter hired at NBC New York flagship
>>Houston weekend anchor quits after 10 years
>>South Carolina reporter jumps 56 markets
>>Court tosses Baton Rouge defamation lawsuit
>>Baton Rouge photog fired for drone flight
>>Anchoring nine hours of live shooting coverage
>>BBC decides against parachuting anchors
>>Lung cancer claims longtime Honolulu anchor
>>Sunbeam stations go dark on DirecTV
>>Tribune blackout on Dish Network continues
>>TVNewser and TVSpy blogs sold again
>>Remembering Don Fitzpatrick's Rumorville
>>Mrs. B hopes you're not feeling badly

Monday, July 18
>>TV braces for Republican infomercial
>>Will networks pursue Trumpian ratings or truth?
>>Pence interview breaks ground for awkward moments
>>Daily News continues harassment of Brian Williams
>>Explaining the deafening silence of Megyn Kelly
>>Ailes attorneys want Carlson lawsuit moved
>>Murdoch brothers await internal investigation
>>Baton Rouge cops have troubled media history
>>Former New York news director joins college
>>Behind the scenes at Politico's implosion
>>Anderson Cooper's low ratings with Kelly Ripa
>>Anthony Bourdain gets five Emmy® nominations
>>Former Fox News analyst sentenced to prison
>>Ex-Atlanta meteorologist lands in El Lay
>>Longtime Buffalo chief met crosses the street
>>Omaha chief meteorologist quietly out the door
>>New morning weather guesser in Des Moines
>>Raycom hires a news director in Waco
>>Nothing has changed, TV industry in crisis
>>Winner of the ugliest weather truck award
>>Mrs. B is feeling plural

Friday, July 15
>>Fox colleagues angered by Megyn Kelly's silence
>>Bill O'Reilly's rousing defense of Roger Ailes
>>Arbitration would shroud Ailes charges in secrecy
>>Niece of Trump VP choice is morning news anchor
>>Cleveland stations brace for Republicans
>>Erin Andrews re-ups with Fox Sports
>>Ousted Cleveland anchor lands in Boston
>>NBC hires Kansas City reporter in Boston
>>Cleveland reporter heads to Sinclair in DC
>>Panama City morning anchor out the door
>>Nexstar Broadcasting floats $900 million in loans
>>Nexstar plans 400 live shots from Rio Olympics
>>Media General to pay $700,000 FCC fine
>>More ugly severe weather trucks
>>Mrs. B gears up for the conventions

Thursday, July 14
>>Can Ailes survive Fox's internal investigation?
>>More women come forward with harassment stories
>>TV station owner accused of sexual harassment
>>Amazon plans TV series on sex discrimination
>>CNN commentator being paid by Trump campaign
>>Luke Russert unexpectedly resigns from NBC News
>>NBC names "permanent" Saturday "Nightly" anchor
>>Hartford meteorologist arrested for child porn
>>More testimony in San Diego shooting trial
>>El Paso anchor hired as Boston traffic reporter
>>Veteran Nashville reporter escorted from building
>>Nashville weekend anchor lands in Savannah
>>Louisiana anchor jumps 54 markets in-state
>>Facebook and Periscope the future of TV news?
>>Another ugly storm-chasing weather truck
>>Mrs. B helps with your sentence construction

Wednesday, July 13
>>Carlson says, "I just wanted to stand up for myself"
>>Ratings spiked upward following her dismissal
>>Fox News suspends Newt Gingrich employment
>>Natalie Morales affair with Matt Lauer rumor denied
>>NBC to delay Rio opening ceremonies one hour
>>Bail set at $500K for former Detroit news anchor
>>Court orders bankrupt peeper to pay $28 million
>>San Diego sports anchor prayed while being shot
>>Former beauty queen suspended for Facebook post
>>Atlanta producer fired for racist Facebook rants
>>Meteorologist, cleared of rape charge, won't return
>>Chicago anchor quits after passed over for promotion
>>Tribune promotes Indianapolis GM to Chicago
>>Nexstar sells Albuquerque merger station
>>How Emmys® became standard for success in TV
>>Los Angeles Rams to be featured on "Hard Knocks"
>>Another ugly dealership sponsored weather cruiser
>>Mrs. B on misinformation about disinformation

Tuesday, July 12
>>Fox News circles the wagons around Ailes
>>Deflategate law firm begins Fox investigation
>>Who could replace Roger Ailes at Fox News?
>>New York Post continues to ignore Ailes lawsuit
>>Fox News suspends former Indiana governor
>>BET hires former MSNBC weekend host
>>More black faces on local TV than ever before
>>Biden does simultaneous interviews on two networks 
>>CNBC hires former ABC News correspondent
>>Sports anchor's attempted murder trial begins
>>Man arrested for slapping woman during live shot
>>Giant wasp attacks Norfolk morning traffic anchor
>>Atlanta station hires ex-Miss Arkansas to anchor
>>Tulsa reporter headed to Palm Beach anchor gig
>>Longtime Omaha anchor quits for administration job
>>Color us dumbstruck by the Dallas Thunder Truck
>>Mrs. B has a "miner" grammar lesson

Monday, July 11
>>Dozens of women step forward against Roger Ailes
>>Attorneys want Carlson case heard as confidential arbitration
>>Which Fox News women went along with Ailes offer?
>>CNN essentially declares publicity war on Fox News
>>Can Michaela Pereira morning show reinvent HLN?
>>Isn't it time to finally give Brian Williams a break?
>>Former Chicago anchor to auction her 80-acre estate
>>TV remains the dominant platform for news consumption
>>YouTube plans an online TV service with ESPN, ABC, CBS
>>Dallas sports anchor demoted after just 15 months
>>Louisiana news director ousted after four months
>>New NDs at two of America's "Worst TV News Markets"
>>Another ugly ad tradeout Chevy "StormTracker" SUV
>>Vin Scully's longtime middleman/security blanket
>>Mrs. B has a lesson on "none"



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