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"Weather makes me horny."
ABC News senior meteorologist Rob Marciano

>>NBC planned "Today" changes six months ago
>>ABC and NBC News both claim to be #1
>>Weather makes ABC's chief meteorologist horny
>>Tampa station hires Belo lifer as general manager
>>DC's worst TV nightmare came true this week
>>Hello CBS Miami? There's an attorney on Line One
>>Longtime Miami sports guy announces retirement
>>Massive layoffs coming to Comcast SportsNet Houston
>>MSNBC anchor joins New England Cable News
>>Hasselbeck finishes first year at "Fox & Friends"
>>Fox News has produced 1,098 Benghazi reports
>>CNN's "Crossfire" is toast, staff transferred
>>The Denver Post tries its hand at television
>>Blacks and Hispanics don't trust the media
>>Man attacks CBC HQ with a sledgehammer
>>Family-owned Mississippi station sold
>>Expanding the morning news in Buffalo
>>Mrs. B is feeling PC



Tuesday, September 16
>>CNN ordered to rehire 100 former union employees
>>NBC gets a new weekend "Today" news reader
>>Richmond political reporter heads to CNN Newsource
>>Fox News hires another political contributor
>>Babe farmer playing Rupert Murdoch on stage
>>New Jersey cops guarding Roger Ailes 24/7
>>Blondiful El Lay morning reporter out the door
>>Leaving Richmond after a low-ball offer
>>Young Albuquerque reporter leaps to Chicago
>>Dayton reporter drops 37 markets to anchor
>>Raleigh morning anchor to spend time with family
>>Grand Rapids station gets a new morning anchor
>>Arkansas sports anchor jumps to DC
>>Cancer claims New Orleans meteorologist
>>Prayers answered, crossing the street in Dothan
>>SJL Holdings pockets a $100 million profit
>>Miami station eyes internal candidate for Deco
>>New "View" is bold, intelligent, and boring
>>Mrs. B comes to your grammar aid

Monday, September 15
>>Illinois anchor given six months to live
>>The Weather Channel may soon be for sale
>>NBC reassigns its Weekend "Today" anchor
>>Luke Russert officially promoted to "MTP"
>>Chicago weekend anchor demoted to reporter
>>Phoenix reporter accused of sexting photos
>>Sinclair cleans out news managers in DC
>>Former New York news director to Boston cable
>>Syracuse ND and wife headed back to Texas
>>Ex-Sinclair news director settles in Savannah
>>Stressed Nashville A-ND quits to teach yoga
>>Sacramento station hires Wichita anchor
>>Journalists drink more coffee than do cops
>>$41,000 a year for journalism school?
>>Columbus anchor's legal fund stalls
>>WeatherNation deletes negative comments
>>ABC's "The View" begins 18th season today
>>Mrs. B investigates the media

Friday, September 12
>>Meredith shakes up management in Atlanta...again
>>Ex-Charlotte news director glad to be gone
>>Tim Tebow to report for "Good Morning America"
>>CBS Sports drops Rihanna from "Thursday Night Football"
>>Network squashes Navy Leap Frogs in Baltimore
>>Moonves: Overnight ratings are virtually irrelevant
>>Phoenix, Tampa, and Pittsburgh are on the rise
>>Detroit, Seattle, and Raleigh slip in market size
>>NBC's "Saturday Night Live" gets a black news anchor
>>Seattle morning meteorologist heads to Cox mother ship
>>Portland investigative reporter to Seattle
>>Tribune swaps anchors in Harrisburg
>>Austin crime reporter to Houston O&O
>>Fifteen minutes of live uncut news footage on 9/11
>>Mrs. B is centered on revolves around

Thursday, September 11
>>Fox Charlotte news director out after 14 months
>>Phoenix news director exits after 20 months
>>Cincinnati station hires morning anchor on the bounce
>>Hartford anchor lands in New York as business reporter
>>Houston station hires South Carolina sports anchor
>>Central Coast anchor joins husband in El Lay
>>Young weather guesser makes 60-market leap
>>Did NBC give Luke Russert a $500,000 bonus?
>>NBC pays for EXCLUSIVE access to crime scene
>>AP story sends NFL executives into crisis mode
>>Rough debut for new CNN political commentator
>>WNBC has "I-Team" presidential golf investigation
>>Longtime Detroit news anchor dead of cancer
>>Another El Lay City Council plaque for Kent
>>Proof of the vital role of local TV sports
>>Mrs. B's grammar lesson is monstrously evil

Wednesday, September 10
>>Former Sacramento anchor faces conspiracy trial
>>NBC web producer arrested for porn video
>>Ex-Palm Beach meteorologist indicted for wire fraud
>>Federal judge rejects Fox News copyright claim
>>Fox & Friends host clarifies unfunny comment
>>Olbermann calls for NFL commissioner's resignation
>>Meredith Vieira debut ratings up 41%
>>ESPN baseball analyst to return from cancer
>>Ft. Myers station promotes wife of disgraced congressman
>>Veteran Tampa sports anchor gets the boot
>>Ousted meteorologist hired in Cedar Rapids
>>New Jacksonville anchors have "eyes wide open"
>>News director hire in Upstate New York
>>Lifelong Nebraska general manager fired
>>Houston anchor signs publishing deal
>>Networks plan live coverage of Obama
>>Former Vegas anchor now baking cookies
>>Mrs. B wrestles with ISIS

Tuesday, September 9
>>Backlash builds against ex-Columbus anchor's fundraiser
>>CBS News begins push against ABC's "No World News"
>>Scott Pelley plans reports this week from Iraq
>>ABC News described as "kindergarten story time"
>>Hearings begin on the future of Canadian TV
>>Matt Lauer's "worst nightmare" returned yesterday
>>Apology expected today from "Fox & Friends"
>>Scripps boss thanks God for the TV business
>>Raleigh station replaces its primary anchor
>>Veteran Arkansas anchor to spend time with family
>>Legendary New Jersey meteorologist retires
>>Chicago O&O advertising for a sports anchor
>>Boston anchor narrowly escapes death
>>Rehearsals underway for chatty Chicago show
>>We don't need no old people around here
>>Mrs. B tries to lie low

Monday, September 8
>>Canada moves toward pick-and-pay TV model
>>Raycom and DirecTV settle carriage squabble
>>Diane tries to warm up David Muir
>>Deborah Turness finishes first year at NBC News
>>Scarborough promoted to senior political analyst
>>Reviewing Chuck Todd's "Meet the Press" debut
>>Age discrimination lawsuit against NBC settled
>>Veteran CBS and CNN correspondent dead
>>Tenth anniversary of CBS's "Memogate"
>>Ann Compton to retire Wednesday from ABC
>>Politico executive editor resigns after one year
>>A week of fill-in hosts at NBC's "Today"
>>Detroit chief meteorologist returns to work
>>Peoria news director jumps 48 markets
>>Ex-Columbus anchor halfway to fundraising goal
>>Jacksonville duopoly officially changes call letters
>>Southern Cal names fall student anchor lineup
>>CBS has oldest TV audience, Fox the youngest
>>Hanging out with the baddest of the bad
>>Mrs. B corrects Chuck Todd's grammar



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