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"One right after the other… bam, bam, bam, bam, bam!"
KCEN News Director Jim Hice

>>Texas meteorologist shot in station parking lot
>>Newsroom learned of shooting on police scanner
>>Texas news director arrested for public intoxication
>>Stunt anchoring the surprise Cuba announcement
>>Stephanopoulos bypassed for Obama EXCLUSIVE
>>Last living member of "Murrow's Boys" dead at 97
>>Stephen Colbert signs off tonight
>>Chicago sports anchor apologizes for graphic
>>Well-traveled news anchor lands in Columbia, SC
>>Young Providence reporter hired in Boston
>>Orlando station stocks up on blonde anchors
>>Albuquerque morning anchor moves to Phoenix
>>Vermont sports reporter hired in Green Bay
>>Former Peoria anchor returns to TV
>>Cleveland station gets an assistant ND
>>Myrtle Beach news director promoted to GM
>>Arkansas Raycom ND moves up 87 markets
>>Anchor with brain tumor continues to work
>>The Sony Interview you probably won't see
>>Mrs. B reviews more mispronunciations



Wednesday, December 17
>>Australian TV network evacuated in hostage crisis
>>Tragic details in suicide of ex-Fox News correspondent
>>CNN correspondent out after 22 years
>>Critic of Ginger Zee called "reprehensible"
>>More layoffs at The New York Times
>>Conservative websites unimpressed with Jeb Bush
>>Abandoning ship in Indianapolis
>>Oregon meteorologist leaps 110 markets
>>South Carolina meteorologist heads to New Orleans
>>Veteran Pittsburgh reporter to retire
>>Chicago ABC O&O plans 7 p.m. newscast
>>Hartford GM out after just eight months
>>Veteran Roanoke general manager quits
>>Texas station gets a news director
>>Ex-Sony employees sue studio for hack
>>WCBS morning anchor recovering from surgery
>>Ex-NBC News producers hit internet gold
>>Johnny Manziel pulls a 65 share in Cleveland
>>Handing out a truckload of Suncoast Emmys
>>America's 113 most annoying TV hosts
>>Mrs. B tries to help your mispronunciations

Tuesday, December 16
>>Ex-Philly sports anchor withdraws felony guilty plea
>>Augusta anchor arrested for disorderly conduct
>>Chicago O&O makes it officially official
>>Orlando station gets a new primary anchor
>>Sugalski to return to O-town TV in August
>>Twitter's king of toxic digital mood slime
>>Sony threatens prominent media outlets
>>Bill Cosby's wife blames the media
>>Jeff Zucker wants game shows on CNN
>>Sounding the death knell for Gawker and BuzzFeed
>>Vice Media plans a "deal spree" in 2015
>>1% of Fox News viewers are black
>>Brian Williams re-ups for five more years
>>Bill Bonds kept pushing the self-destruct button
>>Ed Bradley's godson turns to politics
>>ESPN signs "Monday Night Football" analyst
>>Unity gets a new president
>>A NewsBlues Looker gets engaged
>>HBO's "The Newsroom" makes a bizarre exit
>>Mrs. B wishes you a happy Hanukkah

Monday, December 15
>>Legendary Detroit anchor dead of heart attack
>>Station owner crashes plane, escapes injury
>>FCC approves Media General and LIN Media merger
>>Merger of Scripps and Journal Communications okayed
>>Chicago meteorologist crosses the street
>>Sinclair weekend anchor signs off in DC
>>Roanoke health reporter hired by hospital
>>Connecticut chief meteorologist out the door
>>Maine station hires new morning anchor
>>Gainesville station gets a news director
>>PEJOHG hoping for the best on New Year's Eve
>>President Obama a fan of ESPN SportsCenter
>>MSNBC launches 14 new shows today, all online
>>Bill Cosby tells black media to remain "neutral"
>>Brian Williams to sign long-term deal with NBC
>>ABC-Univision shuts down "Fusion Live" newscast
>>David Carr thinks media upheaval has hit bottom
>>Ginger Zee is network news's most visible reporter
>>Andrew Tyndall criticizes ABC's weather porn
>>Mrs. B begins series on mispronunciation

Friday, December 12
>>Bureaucratic jumble cripples NBC News management
>>Much-traveled general manager returns to Atlanta
>>CBS extends Les Moonves's employment deal
>>Kinda sorta replacing longtime Tampa anchor
>>Suspended Indianapolis anchor returns from OWI
>>Bakersfield station continues to cover anchor punch
>>El Lay reporter faces decade in prison for flower pot
>>Last-place Des Moines station hires morning anchor
>>Fox News correspondent commits suicide
>>Heart attack claims Pulitzer-winning photog
>>Detroit reporter promoted to weekend anchor
>>DC anchor and NBC News husband expecting
>>Longtime Cincinnati media writer steps down
>>Blondiful Texas reporter leaps 86 markets
>>Canada's CBC cuts back evening newscasts
>>ABC News has lost its way, says veteran producer
>>Whoopi farts, disrupts "The View"
>>Eating Christmas tomatoes at NBIHQ
>>Mrs. B is feeling redundant

Thursday, December 11
>>Fired Harrisburg anchor silenced by confidentiality deal
>>Veteran CBS News correspondent calls it quits
>>Nexstar settles carriage standoff with Dish
>>Chicago morning anchor quits after three years
>>Longtime Philly reporter exits after 27 years
>>Detroit reporter heads to Houston
>>Charlotte station hires a meteorologist
>>Providence reporter announces retirement
>>Indianapolis station debuts new set and graphics
>>Des Moines station gets a top-to-bottom makeover
>>Letterman to exit "Late Show" in May
>>NBC and ESPN among "Best Places to Work"
>>Nick Denton steps down at Gawker
>>CBS shrinks the news hole at KCAL
>>Entire staff laid off in Atlantic City
>>Heisman website closes over transparency
>>Cleveland station pushes midget controversy
>>El Lay reporter arrested for domestic violence
>>Bakersfield anchor punched outside station
>>Mrs. B explains how come

Wednesday, December 10
>>Harrisburg anchor fired for bad joke
>>Worst station in Charlotte gets a news director
>>Blondiful San Fran chief meteorologist out the door
>>Worst station in Memphis hires a chief meteorologist
>>Indianapolis station hires weekend meteorologist
>>Veteran Evansville anchor retires after 41 years
>>Blondiful Texas sports anchor leaps 92 markets
>>Tampa station expands its morning news hole
>>Charleston station improvises after computer crash
>>CNN hires a media reporter to join Brian Stelter
>>CNN loses two vice presidents
>>Scott Pelley gets a new senior producer
>>Secret army of meteorologists moving cargo
>>Legendary Cleveland meteorologist re-ups
>>Obama appearance bumps Colbert ratings 50%
>>Doomed Atlantic City station seeking rebirth
>>Mrs. B finds a kitten on her engine

Tuesday, December 9
>>President Obama replaces Colbert on Comedy Central
>>White House bills Washington Post $89,000 for trip
>>Candy Crowley still has two weeks left at CNN
>>Nexstar extends carriage talks with Dish Network
>>TruTV delays debut of "Breaking Greenville"
>>Las Vegas morning anchor fired, escorted out
>>Grand Rapids anchor crosses the street
>>Fox hires ex-NBC White House correspondent
>>Duluth meteorologist jumps 67 markets
>>ABC News correspondent loses 90 pounds
>>Sinclair starts "On-Your-Side" franchise in DC
>>Armwrestling and curling return to ESPN
>>Is Netflix a friend or an enemy of traditional TV?
>>What is television, and what has it become?
>>Mistletoe drone goes rogue in Manhattan 
>>Discovery snake show was hard to swallow
>>Mrs. B is on duh-FENCE

Monday, December 8
>>CNN chief political correspondent out the door
>>Dish Network settles with CBS after brief blackout
>>Mass resignation Friday at New Republic
>>Indianapolis anchor returns from OWI suspension
>>Alabama anchor returns from heart bypass surgery
>>Ex-Columbus anchor digs in heels for jury trial
>>Jacksonville meteorologist sues for defamation
>>Former Jax morning anchor plans sandwich shop
>>FCC fines Las Vegas station for "Special Reports"
>>Conservative heads explode over MSNBC promos
>>Buckingham Palace loosens reporter dress code
>>Gannett to shutter USA Weekend magazine
>>Indianapolis independent to expand news hole
>>Just how bad is the Fox Charlotte news operation?
>>New Denver news director has big shoes to fill
>>Boston reporter heads to unnamed Atlanta station
>>Texas reporter jumps 29 markets to Huntsville
>>Idaho meteorologist leaps 75 markets
>>Dallas radio reporter critically injured in crash
>>Terrorist who threatened Oprah killed in Pakistan
>>Houston O&O shuffles news managers
>>News director changes in Lubbock and Utica
>>NBC "stunt casting" blamed for Peter Pan ratings
>>Mrs. B is having casual contractions


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