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"Al Sharpton is not my leader."
CNN's Don Lemon

>>Brooklyn bonehead arrested for stalking WCBS anchor
>>CNN simulator pilot fired for poor wardrobe choices
>>CNN's 102-year-old BREAKING NEWS graphic
>>Lemon: If you don't like CNN, don't watch
>>Feds investigate racial discrimination claim against Russians
>>ABC News in Pulitzer dispute with Public Integrity Center
>>Legendary Seattle news anchor announces retirement
>>Jenny McCarthy engaged to actor Donnie Wahlberg
>>Suggested seating chart for "The View" reunion show
>>Fox News to launch sexist noon talk show
>>Sacramento meteorologist returns to fill-in work
>>Orlando station promotes weekend anchor
>>Waterloo news director takes 38-market drop
>>Buying cheap reporter suits on eBay
>>Chicago news anchor plays news anchor on TV
>>Journal Broadcast Group rolls out new websites
>>Sinclair hires company to sell some stations
>>Portland station moving out of downtown HQ
>>Vice reporter smokes pot while interviewing president
>>Mrs. B hopes you're not infamous



Wednesday, April 16
>>Underpaid Scott Pelley seeks a salary bump
>>CBS may launch streaming service in wake of Aereo
>>Boston cops blow up bag full of camera equipment
>>Michael Strahan officially welcomed to "GMA"
>>Scratch Chelsea Handler off the "Late Late" list
>>CNN's embarrassing Supernatural Black Hole
>>CNN's Bill Weir forced to sit in a school desk
>>Media's Gay Mafia ranked by power
>>Denver station hires sports conversationalist
>>Kansas City meteorologist crosses the street
>>Veteran San Antonio chief met scales back
>>DC sports reporter kisses player after interview
>>Tampa anchor rescues ducklings from drain
>>Sex charges dropped after former reporter apologized
>>Louisville deuce heads to Texas as news director
>>Cancer claims longtime Austin executive producer
>>Being a TV news reporter sucks, says career list
>>Mrs. B hopes your anniversary isn't redundant

Tuesday, April 15
>>Robin Roberts had decided not to fight cancer's return
>>Was diagnosed on same day "GMA" beat "Today"
>>MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell injured in car crash
>>ABC News hires conservative Fox News host
>>Fox Sports anchor marries former NFL cheerleader
>>CBS anxiously awaiting NFL Thursday Night schedule
>>Homeless man may have died in KNTV building fire
>>CBS O&Os offer an Audi, but there's a catch
>>Salt Lake City news director promoted to GM
>>Green Bay station gets a new general manager
>>San Diego weekend news anchor out the door
>>WPIX staffers put on ratings notice
>>Vancouver meteorologist's silent forecast
>>The Pulitzer Prize nobody won
>>Best Male Hair in TV news goes to....
>>Mrs. B is sounding out her words

Monday, April 14
>>Les Moonves's obscene CBS compensation package
>>He gets more than Comcast and NBCU CEOs combined
>>Internet advertising surpasses TV spending first time ever
>>Dauntless and plain-spoken FCC chairman profiled
>>San Fran primary anchor quits, headed to LA?
>>West Coast rumor: ABC preparing O&Os for sale
>>CNN New Day anchor is pregnant, due in October
>>Al Jazeera America layoffs affect sports and social media
>>Renowned investigative reporter leaving NBC News
>>Sharyl Attkisson says it was "pretty easy" to quit CBS
>>Veteran London-based anchor leaving CNN International
>>Longtime Atlanta traffic reporter dies of heart attack
>>San Diego meteorologist was global warming disbeliever
>>Weather Channel offers viewers a free gift
>>DC morning meteorologist heads to San Antonio
>>Sinclair news director leaving Springfield
>>Abandoned home of San Jose TV station burns
>>Johnny Weir calls off the divorce...for now
>>Minneapolis reporter overrun by rowdy fans
>>Mrs. B awaits the PULL-it-sir

Friday, April 11
>>California station cozies up with law enforcement
>>Station offered riot video to help accelerate arrests
>>Sex charges dropped against former Vermont reporter
>>ABC News promotes new president from within
>>Conservatives hate David Letterman replacement
>>CBS CEO buys a house on "Billionaires Beach"
>>Legendary San Diego weatherman abruptly quits
>>Longtime Baltimore anchor will retire in July
>>Huntsville anchor quits to be with ill mother
>>El Lay cops shoot and kill Comedy Central producer
>>Veteran Tampa reporter leaves for politics
>>Blitzer canceled NCAA trip for BREAKING NEWS
>>Zucker says interview shows are "no longer viable"
>>CNN plans to expand "exploratory programs" at 9 p.m.
>>Tweets, putts, and man-eating plants at AMHQ
>>It's springtime, and that means severe weather dongs
>>Pulling the last Corvette out of the sinkhole
>>Mrs. B has a graduate lesson

Thursday, April 10
>>West Virginia broadcaster sued for having zipper down
>>Woman says she suffered post-traumatic stress
>>Minneapolis station sued for defamation
>>FCC chairman to broadcasters: Change or die
>>Jane Pauley leaves NBC after nearly 40 years
>>Sammy Champion, new air freshener pitchman
>>CNN's "Crossfire" to return soon from hiatus
>>CNN plans 140-character Twitter newscast
>>Former CNN worldwide VP dies in Florida
>>The Rev. Al Sharpton caught in an FBI lie
>>MSNBC says Scarborough speech is okay
>>Supreme Court decision means money for TV
>>Barbara Walters promises not to cry
>>Hearst and Dish settle carriage disagreement
>>DirecTV pushes Weather Channel down a notch
>>Tribune names new station boss in Hartford
>>Seattle reporter lands at Dallas Fox O&O
>>Kansas City reporter is excited in Houston
>>South Carolina meteorologist heads to Jax
>>Venezuelan news anchor quits on the air
>>Getting to the bottom of Julia-Louis Dreyfus
>>Mrs. B hopes you'll effectively use effectively

Wednesday, April 9
>>Weather Channel apologizes, returns to DirecTV
>>TWC will reduce reality programming by half
>>Settlement was part of DirecTV deal with Hilton hotels
>>WeatherNation to remain on DirecTV
>>Champion's "AMHQ" to post Twitter feeds live
>>Fox beauty queen anchor's Freudian slip
>>Scientists say Fox climate reporting is inaccurate
>>MSNBC struggles with network fundraising policy
>>Jacksonville news director out after two years
>>Vegas anchor returning to Bay Area roots
>>Veteran San Jose reporter calls it quits
>>Sinclair hires retired anchor in Lexington
>>Peoria station replaces evening news anchor
>>Atlanta's "Death Star 2" praised by competition
>>ABC's "The View" overcame an unspectacular start
>>The "grit behind the glamour" of local TV news
>>Mrs. B says there's no such thing as a possible suspect

Tuesday, April 8
>>Ft. Myers meteorologist dies after bike fall
>>Barbara Walters will retire from ABC News during sweeps
>>ABC's "World News" tops a million Facebook "likes"
>>Five injured as car crashes into Fox News headquarters
>>MSNBC's Ed Schultz curses out a radio caller
>>Texas news director says global warming is "all bunk"
>>DC station puts WeatherNation on digital sub-channel
>>Paula Zahn has five-star feet, says Wikifeet
>>Former Shreveport weather guesser hoping to return
>>Birmingham news actress hired in Cleveland
>>Veteran Fresno anchor to retire after 23 years
>>Houston station's no-knock policy questioned
>>Former Austin morning anchor lands PR gig
>>Veteran Mobile sports guy returns from surgery
>>Digger Phelps calls it quits at ESPN
>>Turner offers unique localized hoops coverage
>>Mrs. B has the ins and outs of immigration

Monday, April 7
>>Cleveland station backs down from erroneous EXCLUSIVE
>>Boston station backs down from erroneous EXCLUSIVE
>>Fresno anchor gets EXCLUSIVE ride on theater prop
>>Veteran Oregon chief meteorologist abruptly dropped
>>Lawsuit against MSNBC’s Ed Schultz to proceed
>>NBC News creates a centralized booking department
>>Stephanopoulos frustrated with "GMA" softer direction
>>Controversial general manager heads to South Carolina
>>Alabama news director ends 12-year commute
>>Sales guy promoted to GM in Bakersfield
>>NAB convention begins today in Las Vegas
>>Will Julie Chen replace David Letterman?
>>CBS in syndication talks with Chelsea Handler
>>NBC paid Johnny Weir $25K for Sochi Olympics
>>Former Shreveport reporter sues GM and news director
>>Whatever became of controversial Rhonda Lee?
>>Seattle station to sell sprawling headquarters
>>Mrs. B visits Afghanistan


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